Intermediate Classical Guitar Pieces

11 Recital Pieces for Classical Guitar – Level 3 (PDF)

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This book contains a set of recital pieces for the intermediate classical guitarist. Unlike the Level 1 and 2 books, this collection of works is intended to be played as a set in a 30 minute recital. They are not ordered by degree of difficulty but for variety, interest, and musical style. By no means is it essential for you to perform the entire set together, but I encourage you to set yourself the challenge of performing a small public recital. It will push you to develop in a variety of ways and you will gain a deeper understanding of the works through live performance.

I have chosen these works carefully to include a variety of technical and musical aspects that should be explored at this intermediate level of classical guitar study. Not only will each piece be educational but many of the pieces have earned their place as “classical” within the repertory and I hope they become lifelong friends.

Included in this edition you will find two versions of each piece. The first has right hand fingerings for guidance and instruction, the second has a set of clean scores so that the student or teacher can add in their own fingerings or use the pieces for sight reading.

Pieces include:

  • Lágrima and Adelita by Francisco Tárrega
  • Studies by Fernando Sor
  • El Testament D’Amelia by Miguel Llobet
  • Maria Luisa by Julio Sagreras
  • Romanza by Anon.
  • Studies by Mateo Carcassi

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