Save time and improve your practice.

Each book of practice routines provides you with a structured and balanced technical workout that is comprehensive but not overwhelming.

If you don’t want to go to the effort of collecting and arranging all the exercises yourself, then these books will be very valuable to you.

  • 5 structured practice routines

  • Comprehensive exercises covering all major techniques

  • Daily workouts that are manageable and focused

  • Spread your technical work out over a one-week period

  • Complete and ready to start immediately

There are four books available, just choose your level:


7 Beginner Routines – Level 1

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5 Beg/Int Routines – Level 2

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Intermediate Classical Guitar Pieces

5 Technical Routines – Level 3

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5 Advanced Routines – Level 4

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Practicing with structure and goals can greatly improve progress and also gives us a feeling of accomplishment. These 5 Technical Routines are designed to give a comprehensive technical workout at a beginner/intermediate level.

Each routine included in this book is graded for Level 2 and lines up with the other Level 2 components of Classical Guitar Corner. All of the techniques are taught in the Level 2 Technique & Musicianship course and several exercises are specifically geared towards the repertoire in the Level 2 Repertoire Book. This grading of material means that you will not be stumped by anything that is too difficult, but you might be pushed sometimes and that is a good thing.

I recommend learning all five routines so that you can play them straight through without stopping, then you can use them as part of your daily practice session five times a week. Over the course of those five days you will have covered a comprehensive practice schedule.

This edition includes:

  • Open string arpeggios to warm up and focus on tone
  • Slurs with rhythmic variations
  • Fingerboard knowledge
  • Shifting exercises
  • Selections from Giuliani’s 120 Right Hand Studies
  • Scales in tenths
  • Right hand passage work
  • Finger independence exercises
  • Comprehensive scale work with rhythmic, dynamic, and articulation based variations

Find out what it is like to practice with purpose.

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I recently ordered your 5 Technical Routines for Classical Guitar, and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with it.  I have many classical guitar books with technical exercises in them, but yours are absolutely the best I’ve ever seen anywhere!  In fact I was in the process of creating my own daily practice exercises when I ran across yours.  Yours are much more thorough and detailed than mine.  Thank you for saving me so much time.  

With best regards,

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BenVerderySimon Powis is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful, forward thinking pedagogue. – Ben Verdery, Yale University.


huff-postSimon displayed outstanding sensitivity and a musical maturity that was worthy of any professional concert platform. – Huffington Post

Find out what it is like to practice with purpose.

Download Now! $12.95 (pdf download)