We are excited to see you at Endicott College!

Summer 2017 is going to be full of music

Simon-GuitarWe are going to have a great time at the CGC Summer School and I am excited to meet you in person. You will be working with a group of likeminded students and dedicated teachers. The days will be filled with lessons, ensembles, concerts, workshops and socializing.

As we get closer to the date I will be sending out information and music to the registrants so that they can prepare for the trip. In the meantime please feel free to ask the CGC team any questions you may have, and thank you for registering! – Simon

Payment of remaining fees

Your deposit has been added to your registration and the following fee payment is to complete the remainder of your registration.

Payment by PayPal or Credit Card

Payment by credit card or PayPal incurs a 2.9 percent transaction fee. Please select the room type you selected with your deposit from the options below.

Private Room $1190 [purchase_link id=”22045″ text=”Add to Cart” style=”button” color=”green”]

Private room shared with partner/spouse $1668 [purchase_link id=”22042″ text=”Add to Cart” style=”button” color=”green”]

Payment by Check

This payment does not incur any transaction fees so the prices are as follows:

Private Room: $1160

Private Room shared with partner/spouse: $1620

Please make a check payable to : Powis Studios LLC

Mail the check to: Simon Powis 800 Riverside Drive Apt 4B New York, NY 10032

In the memo section please write: CGC Summer School

Earlybird Payment Due Date

  • You have until March 1st 2017 to complete your full payment. All registrations after this date must be complete within one week of making the registration deposit.

Earlybird Discounts 

  • In order to receive the earlybird discount you will need to complete full payment by March 1st 2017. After this date the full registration price will be applied.

Standard Payment Due Date

  • You have until May 1st 2017 to complete your full payment. All registrations after this date must be complete within one week of making the registration deposit.

Refund Policy

  • A full refund on this payment is available until March 1st 2017
  • A half refund on this payment is available from March 1st to April 15th 2017
  • There is no refund available from April 15th 2017

Transfer Policy

  • If you need to transfer your registration you can, however, the new registrant will need to register online and also be approved by Simon Powis.

Bringing partners to the Summer School

Your partner is very welcome to attend the Summer School and it will be great to have them as part of the festivities.

There is no charge for your partner to attend concerts in the evening, however, they cannot sit in on the educational aspects of the summer school. If your partner would like to eat with the rest of the group in the dining hall, they can purchase an individual meal plan.

Accommodation at Endicott is charged per person rather than per room. Your partner will need to pay for their own accommodation in addition to your accommodation. The most logical setup is for the two of you to get a shared room. The accommodation is how the college makes their money off incoming groups, so, as much as it would be nice to pay for a room like a hotel, this is just the way it is!

As each person’s situation is going to be a little different, please contact either Dave or myself at [email protected] and we will organize payment.

Getting around the area

While the campus is beautiful and there is a small beach across the road, your partner will need a car if they would like to explore the local towns or get into Boston. There is a car rental company called Enterprise based in Beverly that will actually come and pick you up/drop you off from the college to rent your car. This is the best solution I have come across for car rental.

Children and Teenagers

Please note that because of liability insurance we cannot have anyone on campus under the age of 21. I apologize if this causes an inconvenience, and please let me know if this is something that you would like added in the future.

Draft Timetable

This is a very rough timetable so please take that into account. This is just to give you an overview of how each day will work. The final concert on the 2oth will feature all of the various ensembles that have worked together in the morning sessions and also a larger guitar orchestra.

What to bring and prepare

  • A collapsable wire music stand
  • Several pencils, pens, and some highlighters
  • A spare set of strings
  • A clip on guitar tuner (helps to tune up when other guitars are sounding around you)
  • A sweater in case it gets cold (even in the middle of Summer it can get cool on campus)
  • You can bring bottles of wine/beer and plastic cups if you would like to drink while socializing in the evenings.
  • Put nametags/stickers on your guitar case and music stand

Travel Details

Logan Airport in Boston is the closest major airport to the Summer School and there is also Beverly Train station that is about a five minute drive from the campus. Driving by car will be the most direct way of getting to the campus.

Please fill out the form below and click submit when you know your travel details. I will aim to put people in contact with one another that are arriving at Logan Airport at similar times. This would allow small groups of people car-pool in car services.

Likewise if you are arriving by train to Beverly MA I will arrange pick ups where possible.


    All participants are eligible to have two lessons each. The lessons will run for 30 minutes, which needs to factor in setting up your music and taking out your guitar (so really 25 minutes of teaching time). This time goes by quickly and from my own experience I would recommend either short works or partial works.

    If you would like to prepare a duo with another participant this can be used in a lesson but it will count as one lesson for each of you.

    Please prepare your pieces as well as you can and bring a copy of the score for the teacher to work with.

    Lessons will be open to other participants so you may have a small audience while you work. If you are sitting in on someone else’s lesson please stay for the duration of that lesson without leaving as it can be distracting for others.

    Orchestra and Ensemble Repertoire:

    Orchestra Piece #1:

    Sage Leaf

    Level 5 Ensemble


    Level 4 Ensemble:

    A La Una Naci Yo

    Level 3 Ensemble:

    (Courante only)


    Level 2 Ensemble:

    (no.1, 3, and 4)

    Handel Alcina Dances

    Level 1 Ensemble: