Lagrima for classical guitar

Lágrima Repertoire Workbook

$9.95 USD

  • Complete edition of the score
  • Guide fingers
  • Campanella fingering
  • Phrasing and expression
  • Keys and Form
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Voicing
  • Fingerings

Perfect for your iPad or tablet, and can also be easily printed out for use as a hard copy.

Lágrima is one of the most popular pieces for classical guitar. Written by Francisco Tárrega it is a romantic miniature that makes beautiful use of parallel thirds and tenths. The word Lágrima is spanish for “teardrop” and Tárrega composed the piece in London while he was longing for his home country of Spain.It is a great example of the expressiveness that the classical guitar can produce and even though it is small in stature it is a masterpiece.