• Hello Michael. Sharing emotions with the listener is a great goal, congratulations !
    A lot of musicians wants to increase their virtuosity, or play more and more difficult pièces, but, like you, I think that the ultimate goal of playing music is to take the listener in the deep emotions that music can create…
    Welcome on Classical Guitar Corner !

  • Thank you Connie

    yes my hands are getting better and better and are regaining their flexibility and dexterity; my right hand nails have grown enough to be cut to the right shape and polished, so I produce a nice sound again, which is more motivating for practicing.

    I think that the next time I will go on this sailboat and that my hands will be…[Read more]

  • Mark, Dave, thank you for your reply

    Usually I do not have any problem with my nails, and if one of them broke, it’s more because of an accidental movement than by a weakness due to an unbalanced nutrition; my nails are not soft, and do not tend to get damaged easily. So I do not think I need a supplement like biotin, but I note the reference, in…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your answers.
    I may have badly expressed myself (English is not my language), but apart from the broken left index fingernail, I have no injury; but as my hands worked hard during my holyday, my fingers are stiff, and since I have short nails on my right hand I feel like I have regressed a lot in my guitar practice. The fact of…[Read more]

  • I come back from holiday, which I spent without my guitar. I was sailing on an old sailing ship, on which navigation is old-fashioned: no modern ropes or winches, but rustic ropes, pulleys and muscle. So I sacrificed my right hand nails, I preferred that they be cut cleanly rather than accidentally broken. On the last day, a left hand fingernail…[Read more]

  • Hello Ghizelaine, I’m happy to see another french people on this website. I think you are in the good place, there are so many things to help you here !
    Bienvenue donc depuis Vernon, sur les bords de la Seine …

  • Gilbert replied to the topic Hi from the UK in the forum Introduce yourself 10 months ago

    Welcome to CGC ! I’m sure you’ll find here all you need to improve your playing. The courses are very well conceived, and you’ll follow them with a lot of pleasure.


  • Gilbert replied to the topic Hello from France in the forum Introduce yourself 11 months ago

    Thanks everybody.
    Martha said that “France has produced many wonderful guitarists”; this is true, but France has also produced wonderful guitar makers, such as Jean-Luc Joie, Thomas Dauge, Dominique Field, Daniel Friederich, and in the past Robert Bouchet and the luthiers from Mirecourt… I love playing or listening guitar, but I also love…[Read more]

  • Gilbert replied to the topic Hello from France in the forum Introduce yourself 11 months ago

    Thanks everybody for your welcome.
    I’m now reading the “member orientation course”, and I’m very impressed with the content of the site, there is so much to see! I feel that I’ll have very good time here.

  • Hi to all CGC members

    Who am I ? I’m a french man, 61 years old, living in France near Giverny (where Claude Monet made his painting called « Nympheas »).
    I’m working in aerospace industry, in a big american company, manufacturing servo-controls, which permit to the plane to go left or right, and up or down.
    I’m married and have no child…[Read more]

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