• CITES related export permit obtained. The guitar will be shipped next Monday. I need to inform the authorized officer to inspect the guitar together with me in the airport of my location. The CITES related papers that I will get could somehow protect the re-sale value of the guitar, because it helps to authentify (at least on the face of it) so…[Read more]

  • Eddie replied to the topic Eddie Progress Journal in the forum Progress Journals 1 week ago

    Thanks Deb!

    (week 29 – 29/105) completed one hour practice, but failed to practice yesterday, only 2 hours credit balance remaining.

    Buying guitars according to the plan I mentioned earlier made me learnt a lot about Re Export Permit required by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Many…[Read more]

  • (week 29 – 29/105) completed 1 hour practice. For Grade 1 L109 Arpeggios exercises, I was not aware that I could hold down the C major chord all the time, making it much more difficult. My focus should be the right hand only.

  • (week 28 – 28/105) failed to practice for 6 days! Too busy in the office. Luckily I have 9 hours credit balance. 3 hours balance remaining. Completed 1 hour practice today. I am trying to “over-invest” in Sor No.3 and see what might happen.

    Also recorded another beginner piece today: https://youtu.be/pNMu1iNtmDA

  • I love their sounds, though the data indicates basically all will love the sound of their first quality guitar, …. at the very beginning.

    (week 28 – 28/105) week 28, progress is slow. Completed 1 hour practice. Continue to invest in Sor No.3 and observe what will happen.

    Watched this today:

    It…[Read more]

  • They are both lovely. They are so different that they may be able to complement each other, i.e., one more suitable than the other for a particular piece.

    (week 27 – 27/105) completed 1 hour practice. First take of a beginner piece called “Goodbye to Winter”. This is difficult to me in the finger stretches required:

  • For future value, I think Paulino Bernabe. Nevertheless, 10 years later, I guess both will have good potential to appreciate in value. Assuming I don’t regard the long term careful maintenance work as a burden, they could potentially serve me better financially than the corresponding credit balances in the bank account (on the basis that I only…[Read more]

  • Thanks Deb. I just found that, for Masaki Sakurai, I will only have the guitar (at least the options available to me are in this way, whilst for Paulino Bernabe, it comes with the guitar some very fancy original certificates. I need to check further about what does it mean in terms of value. At this stage, I am sure Masaki Sakurai and Paulino…[Read more]

  • (week 27 – 27/105) public holiday, practiced 2 hours, accumulated 9 hours credit balance.

    Current focuses:

    1. left hand maintains a straight wrist.
    2. ensure I use the very tip of my left hand pinky finger on the fretboard.
    3. play louder.
    4. keep reminding myself to relax my face, my neck, and my shoulder. check before I begin.

  • Eddie replied to the topic Eddie Progress Journal in the forum Progress Journals 3 weeks ago

    That page I quoted above indicates the price of a replicate in China. Its original version made in Taiwan almost double the price, but I don’t have its official website. I brought the Taiwan version, needs to wait for 3 months, made to order. With this, I have more confidence to implement my value oriented guitar buying strategy. At least I…[Read more]

  • My son finally asked me this question today: “Dad, have you completed learning this piece? [in Chinese]”.

    He was referring to Sor Study No.3. Of course, he had been hearing me playing this piece everyday during the past few weeks. He felt that, at least by his standard, I had passed the point that I should move on.

    I took the opportunity to…[Read more]

  • In My Quality Control Checklist (25 April 2019), Level 1, I included “pay maximum attention to listen to what I am playing”. I put it there because I thought this was important, which is clear, but after I put it as a basic quality control item and thus tried to implement it in all my practice, I found that this is trenmendously difficult to…[Read more]

  • I started learning classical guitar following the CGC materials and read the scores as I played. In this way, the position of the frets are memorized in a way linked to the sheet music, i.e., I read the notes and my left hand fingers moves accordingly. When I suddenly decided to memorize and do not read the music, my left hand fingers could not…[Read more]

  • My Guitar Buying Adventure (trying to adopt a value-oriented strategy) 1:

    I want to find a strategy, if it exists at all, to buy classical guitar in a way that I can keep the monetary value thereof when I want to sell it patiently.

    To do this, I am thinking:

    1. I need to buy it cheap first. Don’t buy new. I don’t mind non-structural…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ian! Listening to it now!

  • Yes, I am getting better. This piece inspires me in relation to a number of things. When I looked at the sheet music, I thought it was easy. When I listened to the performance demo, I thought it was easy. I thought putting such an easy piece after Sor No.1 & 2 was just to let us practice the use of the thumb. Using the thumb for the whole…[Read more]

  • My Quality Control Checklist

    Level 0:
    – all that cannot achieve Level 1

    Level 1:
    – pay maximum attention to listen to what I am playing
    – accurate time
    – clean: as far as practicable, each note a good note

    Level 2:
    – basic phrasing, and make it clear
    – other requirements indicated in the sheet music, make them clear

    Level 3:
    – at recommended…[Read more]

  • Glenn, the process of pursuing something meaningful could be sufficiently rewarding in itself. It makes me feel young again.

    Derek, your comments on the maintenance of “a straight wrist” for my left hand is more valuable than gold to me. I had no idea and learnt this for the first time, whilst so obvious to me that it is important immediately.…[Read more]

  • Deb’s performance is inspiring, and I intend to play Sor No.3 differently after watching her video and Simon’s comments thereto. I don’t like my performance so far. I don’t know how to explain it clearly, maybe the problem is in my subconscious misunderstanding of the music, and my fingers moved the way my subconscious mind perceived that piece…[Read more]

  • Eddie replied to the topic Eddie Progress Journal in the forum Progress Journals 4 weeks ago

    (week 26 – 26/105) completed 1 hour today, still Sor No 3, hard work, just still can’t make it more “music” to me. A version today with metronome:


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