Terry Theriault



Terry Theriault


Jacksonville, Florida

My Guitar Story

I have played guitar for over fifty years (off and on). I taught myself simple chords and the notes in the first position. (I had played clarinet for four years, so I could read music.) I then took private lessons for over a year (until I moved) during high school learning barre chords and the notes up to 12th position. Family and career issues reduced my playing to very infrequently. Over the years I have tried to teach myself classical guitar using Christopher Parkening’s Method Book but never advanced very far. In 2016 I had the chance to get a Jose Ramirez guitar and decided I needed to learn to play classical guitar better so I have taken private lessons for the past fifteen months and have made some progress but have experienced issues related to age (memory, eye sight, hearing, finger strength, motivation, etc.) so I am giving CGC academy a try. Hopefully moving over a much slower pace might help.

My Guitar(s)

Jose Ramirez R1 and 2NE