Welcome to the Classical Guitar Community!

As you get started with your membership, here are a few points and tasks to help you navigate and enjoy the site

  1. Go to your Profile Page and put up a Profile Picture. You will find this in the upper right corner of your screen. This doesn’t have to be of your face (although I think that is best!) it can be of your guitar if you prefer, but it is great to have a profile pic that people will recognize.
  2. Jump in the forum and introduce yourself. You will find that people are keen to say hi and you will start to get a sense of the supportive community here at CGC.
  3. If you are just starting out you can have a look at the Membership Orientation Course it will give you a great overview of the site and answer almost all of your questions.
  4. Have a look to see when the next live event is, these live events are great motivators to practice and perform.
  5. All of your courses and the member library is listed on your courses page, which is found on the dashboard tab in the menu