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Simon Powis is at the vanguard of classical guitar pedagogy. By following his various repertoire and technique books in addition to his courses, one can build a solid classical guitar foundation and much more.

I have been using and recommending his scales and arpeggio book for a couple of years now and find it to be one of the very best available.

Simon presents all the material with great enthusiasm, clarity and authority. He is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful forward thinking pedagogue.

Ben Verdery, Yale University



Thanks Simon for these great lessons. They are absolutely valuable for beginners like my self. In this part of the world I’m living in it is hard to find a proper trainer for Classical guitar lessons. Thanks again and we are really grateful to you.  – Priyal


Thank for this very excellent course. Now I can explore the super highway of music and know where I am going. A musical road map is a must so I will not feel lost and I have gained from this knowledge. I will take more lessons as I grow.
Thank you,


Completing this lesson has given me a real sense of achievement. Not only because it is the last lesson in the course but because it has really given me the ability to at last get the emotion and feeling I have been wanting to put into my performances that I haven’t been able to do before. Regardless of how easy or hard the piece is I can now transmit what I feel when I play the piece to the person who is listening to it. – Tony

I wanted to thank you for CGC. I think It’s the best CG teaching website on the net. Your ideas are so clear and concise…and very reassuring. I am so impressed by your artistry and technique, but at the same time, not at all intimidated…only inspired. You’re a wonderful teacher. I have introduced two of my students to you website and they’re hooked! – Gary

I have been concentrating on Practice Pass one week along with individual pieces of repertoire and then Technical Routines the next week along with my repertoire and I am amazed at how I am advancing on the repertoire. Switching it up but spending enough time on the drills/practice exercises is paying off big dividends…thank you Simon. – John

From a Guitoberfest participant 2014:

I had the pleasure of studying with Simon as an undergraduate at Yale University.  Simon played an influential role in my development as a guitarist and my interest in pursuing a career in music.  Prior to studying with Simon, I had been playing guitar for many years but had never received extensive training in technique and efficient practice methods.  Simon provided me with the many tools necessary for me to improve my playing and prepare me for a Master’s degree in guitar performance.  It was through Simon in which I learned the importance of practicing scales and working on technical exercises, as well as how to be my own teacher so that I could understand what methods of practicing worked for me.  In addition to giving me many helpful ideas and tips, Simon constantly pushed and encouraged me to strive for improvement and explore new opportunities, such as entering a competition and giving my first solo recital; as a result, I gained a deeper passion for guitar.  Through Simon’s guidance, I realized that I wanted to pursue guitar as a career. – Koh


Hello Simon,
I recently ordered your 5 Technical Routines for Classical Guitar – Level3, and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with it.  I have many classical guitar books with technical exercises in them, but yours are absolutely the best I’ve ever seen anywhere!  In fact I was in the process of creating my own daily practice exercises when I ran across yours.  Yours are much more thorough and detailed than mine.  Thank you for saving me so much time.  I have put your exercises into a notebook with Giuliani’s 120 arpeggio studies for the right hand and now I have a great practice routine for everyday.  Thanks so much for a really great publication!  I will be ordering some more of them soon.

With best regards,


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