I often get asked about what gear I am using, so to answer all of those questions, here is the list! These are the exact make and models of what I am currently using.

My guitar equipment:

Korg KDM-2 Metronome – Hands down the best metronome I have ever had. It is solid, loud and has all the features I need.

Micro-Mesh Buffing Pads – These were really hard to find for a while, they are actually used for polishing scientific equipment!  I love them and they never seem to wear out. Best way to improve your sound is to take care of your nail surface.

PageFlip Cicada – This is the magical little pedal I use to turn the pages on my iPad. It means that I can keep my hands on my guitar during practice and performance. It is light and has yet to disappoint.

ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support – I use this for 80 percent of the time and I love it. Great for my back and very secure attachment to the guitar.

Guitar Foot Rest – For the times I am not using the Ergoplay I jut use a footstool. Always good to have one or two around.

Classical Guitar Case – This is the exact guitar case I use for my Sheridan. It is fiberglass and to be honest there are more sturdy ones out there like the Carbon Fibre models. But, touch wood, with all my travel I have yet to experience a problem!

Classical Guitar Strings  – I use D’Addario strings, the new Dynacore strings are great. I also use the standard J46 strings when I am not performing.

Sting winder – Little gadget that saves a lot of time!

D’Addario Clip-On Tuner – This little guy clips onto the headstock so I can leave it on all the time. Nice and discreet, just runs out of batteries now and then…

Filming my videos

I use a Canon 6D and a Canon T5i for filming my videos. As you might know I love photography, so even though these cameras might be a little overkill for filming, they get great results!

Lenses I use are the Canon 24-70 2.8 and the Canon 70-200 2.8 – Amazing lenses, I saved up for years to buy them!

My guitars

I have three concert guitars, one by Australian Luthier Paul Sheridan, one by Australian Luthier Lance Litchfield and one by the Italian Luthier Allesandro Marseglia. The two Australian guitars are both lattice braced, and they are both 640 scale length, making them slightly smaller than the standard 650mm scale.


This website

I run the website myself and I use Bluehost as one of my main site servers. Along with Bluehost I am using WordPress to keep the site going.