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Coaching Call Program

Continuing a wonderful experiment

The coaching call program is quite unique and since its inception it has been continuously evolving. It has proved incredibly successful for enhancing learning and enjoyed by all involved.

Coaching calls are intended to offer members of CGC Academy an opportunity to get direct and personal feedback about their playing. The teachers who run the coaching calls are experienced musicians, familiar with the CGC curriculum, and embody the kind supportive spirit of our Academy.

Coaching calls are not intended to be weekly private lessons with regular time slots. Unlike private lessons that have a planned progression of study with preparation by the teacher, the coaching calls are brief but powerful “check-ins” that help you answer questions or guide your work. The curriculum at CGC provides a powerful learning path and the coaching calls offer agile guidance along that path.

What is a coaching call?

  • Each session runs for 15 minutes and each member can have a maximum of 1 session per week.
  • We use Zoom for our calls
  • You are welcome to work on any classical guitar related material in your lesson, regardless of whether it is in the curriculum or not.
  • You are also welcome to send a video link ahead of time so that the teacher has high quality audio and video to reference. The video will be viewed in the 15 minute session.
  • You are welcome to watch other coaching calls but we ask that you mute your audio and turn your video off.
  • Sign ups become available exactly two weeks before each session and are usually in 2 hour blocks (8 consecutive sessions)

Setting expectations

  • Teachers may change week-to-week in different time slots.
  • We hold coaching calls each Saturday except for major public holidays.
  • Teaching slots will be added and or removed to adjust to demand.
  • The pricing of the coaching call program may change in the future.
  • In periods of high demand availability may be limited but you can expect, on average, to find availability open at least every two weeks.
  • Sometimes slots will not be filled in a session. In this case the teacher may take a break or, they may choose to extend someones session if appropriate. If a slot is free it is not possible to drop in and ask to take that spot without having signed up previously.
  • You may only sign up for a total of three (3) coaching calls per calendar month.

Thoughtfulness from the members

It is possible, the way the scheduling is set up, to snatch up the same session week after week. We ask that you be thoughtful of others when scheduling your sessions. If you have had the same slot week after week for a whole month it might be time to free that slot up for someone else. If you are in doubt you can always ask the CGC Team.


  • The coaching calls will be available to current members of CGC Academy and will have quarterly registration in addition to normal membership dues.
  • As of May 2020, the price of the coaching call program will be $100 per quarter.
  • You must maintain an active CGC Academy membership to participate in the coaching call program.
  • The pricing of this program is subject to change in the future.