Live Exams

For the Spring Exam period in 2022 (March 1st – 31st) we will be trialling a new approach to exams in addition to the normal recorded exam format. Based on the outcomes of these live exams we may decide to continue them in the future.

About the Exams

Very much like traditional in-person exams where you might sit in a room with an adjudicator and perform, these exams will be in real time and conducted over Zoom.

The teacher will admit the performer to the Zoom room and there will be no audience or other members in the session. It is possible that there may be up to two teachers in the session. While exams can feel daunting, we hope that the friendly and supportive teachers at CGC will help you feel at ease.

These exams will not have video replays (however, we may record the sessions for our own quality control reasons) but rather you will be provided with a written summary of notes from the teacher. Additionally, there will be time at the end of your exam where the teacher can offer some comments and observations and you will have the opportunity to clarify anything that may not be clear.

For the majority of exams, the result of the exam (pass or re-submit) will be given to you at the end of the live session. Should the teacher need some time to deliberate then you will be notified via email of your result. For grade 6,7,8 where there are other elements to the submission your result will be pending until the teacher has a chance to review these extra materials (improvisation/harmonic analysis/composition).

Exam times will differ depending on how much material you need to play but they will average around 30 minutes. Repertoire is to be played in full with repeats. However, you may be asked to skip ahead in some parts of your practice routines. You can start your session with either the practice routine or the repertoire.

We ask that you submit your 200 word self-assessment in the forum as per usual ahead of your scheduled exam time.


The scheduling of exams for this session will happen over e-mail. We will offer several sessions on first-come-first-serve basis. Please send an email to [email protected] with your preferred session and we will contact you with scheduling details. Should these sessions fill up, we are happy to schedule more.

These exams will be most effective for those who are confident with their internet connection and audio setup. 

Scheduled Exam Times

  • Sunday, March 6 at 10am – 12pm NYC time
  • Friday, March 11 at 1-3pm NYC time
  • Sunday, March 20 at 4-6am NYC time
  • Friday, March 25 at 5-7pm NYC time

Exam Zoom Link :

Please choose one of the listed sessions and email [email protected] with your name, exam grade, and session time. We will do our best to accomodate everyone but it is quite possible that these will fill up quickly.