Welcome to Guitoberfest 2021!

On this page, you can find some resources like the Guitoberfest Schedule and material and music scores for the activities.

Download the Guitoberfest Schedule: Guitoberfest 2021 Schedule


October 22nd

4:30 PM – “In-Tune: Tips for effective duo practice” with Dave Belcher and Niki Todesco

5:30 PM –  “How to play more beautifully” with Simon Powis

Teacher’s Concert: Teacher’s concert program

Teacher’s concert replay (available through the weekend)


October 23rd

2 PM- Warm-Up with Sanja Plohl

2:30 PM- Masterclass with Sanja Plohl:

  • La Melanconia by Mauro Giuliani Find the score here: La Melanconia
  • Cançó del Lladre arranged by Miguel Llobet
  • Vals N.3 by Agustín Barrios Score available in the CGC Library: Valse 3 

4:30 PM Dr.Connie Sheu presentation on Performance Preparation: Preparing for performances PDF Download

7 PM Open Mic 1: Open Mic 1 Program

Open Mic 1 Replay


October 24th

2 PM – Warm-Up with James Erickson

Download the worksheet: Warm-Up Worksheet

2:30 PM – “Don’t Fret! – Strategies for effective practicing” w/ James Erickson

Download the Worksheet: Practice strategies worksheet

3:30 PM – “Why the guitar?” with Richard Savino 

5 PM – Masterclass with Richard Savino:

  • Sonata K.322 by Domenico Scarlatti Score available in the CGC Library Sonata K.322
  • Pavana N.1 by Luis Milan
  • Villanos by Gaspar Sanz

7 PM Open Mic and Closing of Guitoberfest: Open Mic 2 Program

Open Mic 2 Replay