Welcome to Guitoberfest 2020!

On this page, you can find some resources like the Guitoberfest Schedule and material and music scores for the activities.

Complete Guitoberfest Schedule: Guitoberfest 2020 – Schedule


October 23rd

Ensemble Concert: Ensemble Concert Program

Teacher’s Concert: Teacher’s concert program


October 24th

Warm-Up with duo Noire. Here the material for the session:

1) Effective practice scale page

2) Chromatic Exercise Descending

3)Chromatic Exercise Ascending

“Following the Orchestral Score: Themes and Form in the first movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.23 K.488″ with Simon Powis: Mozart KV488 Orchestral Score

Masterclass with Christopher Mallett:


“Taking care of your partner: guitar maintenance for a happy relationship” with Gary Lee. Improved Treble String Knot for 12 Hole

Open Mic 4 PM: OpenMic1 Program

Duo Noire Workshop: Duo Noire Workshop Presentation

Masterclass with Thomas Flippin:

Open Mic 8 PM: OpenMic2 Program

October 25th

Masterclass with Sanja Plohl:

Niki’s lecture: Gracias a la vida translation

Violeta Parra Lyrics translation

James’s Workshop material: Fretboard Navigation (1)

Open Mic and Closing of Guitoberfest: OpenMic3 Program