What students are saying

For six months I took beginning classical guitar lessons from a local instructor. While I did learn to play, I suspected I was not learning proper technique. For example, I questioned my instructor repeatedly about which fingers to use on my right hand. “Anything that feels comfortable” was the answer. Eventually I went in search of better instruction. Because there were no other local teachers, I took a leap and tried online. The first course (not Simon Powis) was geared toward more advanced players and left me frustrated. I almost gave up, thinking perhaps I was just not a good student. Then I found Classical Guitar Corner. At last, succinct and clear explanations of basic techniques and, even more valuable, how to practice. I was grinning from ear to ear while viewing this lesson on string alternation and crossing: here was the simple answer to the many questions I asked my first instructor. Thanks to Simon, I have re-booted my classical guitar “career” and feel like I finally have a roadmap that will get me to my destination. PLEASE keep offering these courses!

– Patti
Just watched the first video. Excellent start Simon. I do not have a teacher but if I did it would be you. Great structured and well balanced approach. Very calm. Really suits my learning style.

– John

I was initially learning the guitar in a very random, haphazard and unfocused way so thanks for making these videos; I’m finding them very well paced and I’m enjoying the learning process greatly so far :)

The strings (and indeed, the guitar as a whole) no longer feel as unfamiliar as they did to my inept fingers – I think I’m bonding with it :)
– David

I didn’t like hearing the “slow down” advice at first, or trying it – but slowing down my practice is making a big difference for me and I’m sure it is for many others. Thank you for the Level 1 courses, you clearly spent an incredible amount of time creating them and it shows. Very clear, professionally done and extremely helpful.
– Tom

What it is

The Level 1 video course for classical guitar explores core techniques and concepts of the instrument and takes you through a structured, progressive course of work. It has over three hours of video, 30 download sheets and multiple video angles for the right and left hand.

Who is it for?

The Fundamentals Course left you with a solid foundation for the guitar. This course will take you through to the next level of playing, preparing you to tackle pieces of repertoire, scales, arpeggios and a number of other techniques. It is aimed at the beginner level, however, it contains a lot of technique information that I often reiterate to intermediate players.  I will take you through core concepts and techniques of guitar playing such as:

  • Scale Practice
  • C, G, and F Major Scales
  • Arpeggios and Block Chords
  • Free stroke and Rest Stroke
  • Nail shaping 
  • Sight reading
  • The Giuliani 120 Studies
  • Harmonic analysis with I and V

Downloads and exercises

One major difference from the Fundamentals Course is that 18 of the 19 lessons have download sheets for you to practice the lesson material. This allows the student to be more immersed in the material and continue the learning away from the video lesson itself. I believe that active involvement is crucial at this point of the curriculum, and the download exercises and worksheets add that extra element.


There are nineteen videos in total and over three hours. I use this same curriculum with students here in New York City and it can take guitarists anywhere between ten and twenty weeks to master the techniques. If you consider the cost of private lessons, the course offers great value, and while it will never replace one-to-one teaching, it contains the same material.

How it works

After registering for the course, and choosing a login/password you will be a member of Classical Guitar Corner. You can log in at anytime using the membership login form on the sidebar. Once you have logged in, you will see the courses that you have subscribed to appear in the sidebar. These membership links will allow you to access the course for a full six months, more than enough time to learn the material and re visit videos that need more time.
The course costs $97 and I believe it is a reasonable price for all of the learning material included in the course. You can pay with your credit card or Paypal.

  • L101 Practice Techniques
  • L102 Nails and Nail Care
  • L103 Free Stroke
  • L104 String Crossing and Alternation
  • L105 The C Major Scale
  • L106 Extended C Major Scale
  • L107 Thumb Stroke
  • L108 Block Chords
  • L109 Arpeggios
  • L110 Finger Independence
  • L111 Rest Stroke
  • L112 G Major and F Major
  • L113 Scale Practice
  • L114 Accents and Staccato
  • L115 Harmony I and V
  • L116 Chords and Harmony
  • L117 Giuliani’s 120 Right Hand Studies
  • L118 Phrasing in Music
  • L119 Sight Reading