8 thoughts on “CGCA 014 : Barbara Ryan”

  1. Another great interview Roger! I love that you’re keeping up with Simon and getting the inside edge on new things to come for the community.

    Thank you Barbara for the insight into your journey! I’m just getting to the point where I have young children myself and I know that causes many people to put the guitar down, all of these stories are helping me to temper my desire to grow quickly on guitar and take the longer view. I’m learning to accept slow and steady progress to keep the guitar in my life full time.

  2. Thank you Roger and Michael! Roger, you do such a great job. And Michael, all I can say is build it (your music, your guitar) into your life and your kid’s lives and you will be fine. There was something that came along in the mid-2000s that threw my life into a state of chaos for over a decade — and it was the financial crisis. It took me away from my guitar and my ability to be with my family as much as I wanted to for many years. I’m so happy have that behind me now.

  3. Barbara and Roger,

    Thanks for the wonderful conversation (as usual-you are a master interviewer, Roger!)

    Through some miracle of genetics, my oldest son must have inherited some super-smart gene from my brother & is now an economist in Seattle. I used to try to pretend to understand whatever it was he would try to explain to me, but I think he’s (finally) given up.

  4. Hi Barbara and Roger,

    Thank you for another fun interview!

    Barbara – I’m so glad you are back on your guitar and part of this community! Congratulations on getting practice in everyday, and you have inspired me to learn the Brouwer Study No. 6. It’s part of the Gr. 4 curriculum – as well as study 8 – and I was trying to decide which one to start with!

  5. Thanks, Donna! I really enjoy playing Brouwer #6 after my scales and technical routines, and it is great for stretching the fingers! When I eventually move into the upper grades, hopefully I’ll be ready with that one at least!

  6. Thank you Barbara for sharing your story. Learning about your guitar path is very interesting. It is wonderful that you have reconnected with your youthful passion. Roger once again you have offered us engaging dialogue.

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