10 thoughts on “CGCA 015 : Brian Bowersox”

  1. Another fun podcast Roger! Thanks so much!

    Brian – it was so cool to learn more about you! Thank you for sharing all your technical sound equipment knowledge! I took note of your teaching thread and need to get to studying. I relate to the feeling of being bored with the rock/pop music. Seems when we get a taste of classical it does become an obsession! So glad you are part of this community!

    Donna Z

  2. Brian,
    What a delight to get to know you better. Your instruction to some of us sound newbies has been so valuable. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to walk us through some difficult concepts.
    I wish you great success in your guitar journey. Can’t wait to see all the cool things you will learn and experience at the academy.

    Loved hearing all the cool updates from both Simon and Mark. What a great episode.

    Looking forward to seeing you both in the forum. The best to you both as you prepare for your Grade submissions! I’ll be there, cheering you on.

  3. Three more great segments in one podcast. This is a really special feature of CGCA. Thank you to Simon, Mark and Brian for your participation and especially to Roger for your enthusiasm and dedication. None of this happens without a lot of work.
    Martha Kreipke

  4. Thanks for another great podcast, Roger. I enjoyed hearing about the California trip from Simon and more from Mark about the composer of the month. I think that’s a great new edition to the site!

    And as always it fun to meet other members and learn about their guitar journey! Brian, thanks for sharing your technical know-how with all of us technophobes out there!

  5. Roger,

    Thanks for inviting me to take part in your podcast and thanks for all of the hard work putting these together. I was really awesome to talk with you. I think we may have to turn the tables soon and have someone interview you!

  6. Hey, Brian. I’m told you can help with hefty Sweetwater discounts as long as it’s for overseas shipments to places like Mumbai ;) Kidding. Enjoyed your interview. And your calm, even-paced approach was aptly contrasted with the fiery Mark Cohen up front with his rapid discourse on everything Dowland. Good overall session this. Much enjoyed. Also I do agree with Brian – it’s time someone interviewed the man himself.

  7. Just found time to listen to the podcast, Brian. Very much enjoyed hearing about your journey. Thanks for all the help you provide with your expertise.

    Roger, very enjoyable mix in the podcasts. Very helpful for students like me on the site! Thanks again!

  8. Great Podcast! Wonderful to learn about your journey Brian. I am looking forward to more of your playing. Thank you Roger, Simon and Mark for the great education and engaging dialogue!


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