8 thoughts on “CGCA 017 : Nels Quinn”

  1. Wow, Roger..another packed episode!! These must be a massive amount of work for you, but I super-love listening to you, the members you help us get to know, and the words from on high.

    I, of course, would be happy to host a Month of Mertz & Mirth, but I’d been following your advise and sticking with composers represented in the CGC Curriculum (specifically, I’ve been reading & listening up on Erik Satie in case nobody claimed him). I couldn’t help noticing that one Julie Watson seems rather enthralled with Mr. Satie (and he is fascinating and underappreciated in many ways), so perhaps if you could convince her to sign-up for Satie (I would certainly actively support that thread), I could the segue into the seven-string Month of Mertz.

    Thank again for all that you do, Roger!

    All the best,

  2. Hello,

    Excellent podcast with so many interesting voices. It is wonderful to learn about the path of our wonderful Mr. Nels Quinn. Simon, Donna and Dave provided great dialogue. I need to do my home work to keep up with this crowd!

    Keep up the great work,

  3. Nels, you are a wonderful part of this community. I am mighty glad to get to know you better.

    Great info on Chopin from Donna and Dave.
    Thanks for another fantastic podcast!

  4. Nels,

    I enjoyed your podcast. Very cool! You’ll have to post an electric guitar video sometime. Do you play electric guitar pieces on your classical? I bet Little Wing would be awesome.

    Roger, that episode was super packed, man! Your new nickname could be Super Pac-Man since you’re into gaming and also fit so much content into a single podcast. I’m going to have to find a longer commute! Thanks for your dedication.


  5. Thanks for another packed podcast Roger!

    I enjoyed hearing more about Chopin from both Donna and Dave. I’m currently reading Poland, by James Michener, and there are tons of references to Chopin and scenes where he gives concerts!

    Nels, it was great to hear more about your guitar journey and get to know you a bit better.


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