8 thoughts on “CGCA 018 : Sanne Kreijkamp”

  1. Brilliant! Sanne, thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    I can’t wait to hear all about your experience in building your own instrument. That is a really exciting opportunity!!

    Roger, loved hearing from Dave! Thanks for putting together such a fun podcast =).

  2. Hey Roger,
    Thanks again for making my week. It’s so great to hear from Dave (& Simon) & to get to know the folks around CGC.
    Congrats on your submission!
    With regard to Guitar Burst, Dave is spot on. I use it as a very gross guide. I think that GB 1-5 (Beginner) is probably suitable for Grades 1-4, and 6-10 (Intermediate) for Grades 5-8. Within those ranges there’s a lot a variability, though. Anything beyond GB Intermediate (11 and up) is more or less for folks who’ve finished all the Grades, and definitely off-limits for me!

  3. Hey Roger and Sanne, thanks for a great podcast! Sanne, it was great to hear you (and the wild birds too!) and your story about your musical experiences, and your current project of building your own guitar. Can’t wait to see more as it progresses!


  4. Hey Roger! Thanks for another great podcast. I loved the didgeridoo subbing for Simon!

    Dave, your discussions are a great addition to the podcasts. It’s always good to hear things from your perspective.

    Sanne, I’m in awe that you’re building your own guitar! That is soooo cool! Please post photos of your progress. And I can’t wait to hear you play it! I enjoyed hearing about your challenges coming from playing clarinet. I played flute back in school and playing chords and multiple notes on guitar is a whole new world!


  5. Hello Roger and Sanne,

    Thank you for the engaging conversation! Sanne, I really enjoyed meeting you in person in Sydney. The guitar building sounds very exciting. Your story is inspiring as is the dimension of your involvement!

    Dave’s contribution to the show is always a joy. The grading sounds like a huge task! It is commendable the way you and Simon offer so much detailed instruction.

    Best Regards,


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