10 thoughts on “CGCA 019 : Nick Trapani”

  1. Another great interview! Nick, it was great to hear your life story and to hear so much about your family. Even more amazing to see how far you have come with the CG in such a short period of time. I have tremendous respect for people who can start from scratch and learn music and the instrument at the same time. Not an easy task. Thank you for sharing it all with the group, and thanks for mentioning my name–it brought a smile to my face. I truly have enjoyed sharing our journey and appreciate all the help and support you have provided. I look forward to continuing our progress together.
    Roger, another great job. Keep them coming. As Nick said in the interview, we all really appreciate all the work you do and we enjoy getting to know our fellow members.
    And, now I know how to pronounce Zitzelberger, Sanne, and Trapani!


  2. Superb, Nick. There’s a leisurely style about you which is warm and endearing. And you have a real accomplishment in getting a Grade certificate in next to no time and starting from scratch at that. I really wish more younger people listened to your podcast if only for the inspiration you provide for all those times when a some of us may feel lost and let down with ourselves.

    The Zone system brought back distant memories – the frustrations many, the successes few. Totally blown to hear Ansel was a musician and he made connections between photography and music! I can give myself some extra airs now ;)

    Cheers. Onward and upward, sir.

  3. Another wonderful addition to your library of podcasts! Thanks Roger and Nick. So insightful to hear the story of another musician making their way while following their bliss. These conversations add so much to overall Academy experience, though I am certain non-CGC listeners are equally inspired. Thank you for sharing.

    Tom’s Giuliani summation is also a big value-add to the podcast. Thank you for relating your finding to the audience.

    Very grateful for the opportunity to learn and laugh along with you all.


  4. Another enjoyable interview, Roger and Nick. Nick, somehow I missed that you live in San Francisco. Lots of classical guitar culture down there. And musical offerings! Did you see the new lineup from Omni Foundation? Many excellent guitarists coming in the fall. Maybe we’ll intersect at one of the events. — bruce

  5. Thank you Nick and Roger. It always interests me to see how people arrive at the classical guitar, what they bring to their learning from previous endeavors, and how they meet the challenges. This interview is a great example of how “we can inspire each other.”

    Best to you both,


  6. Thank you Roger for another great podcast! Nick – I so enjoyed listening to your story. My maiden name is “Podesta”, so you are a fellow piasano in San Francisco! I no longer live there but we may have crossed paths without even knowing it! It’s funny that I think of San Francisco as “cold”, and you think of it as warm and sunny. But, I’ve been a CA girl my whole life and have no idea as to the true meaning of the word “cold”! I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast and am so happy you are part of the academy. Congratulations on your quick accomplishment of Gr. 1 Certification! It is truly remarkable and testament to the excellent education we are all getting here at CGCA!


  7. Nick–what a great interview! You have such a great perspective on life and enjoying it amidst the daily trials. It’s also been fun to watch your progress via your persistence. You have truly been an inspiration to me to continue and persevere, but most of all to enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    Dave Coleman

  8. Nick,

    I enjoyed listening to your interview. Sounds like you had a pretty impressive streak of consecutive coaching sessions! I particularly enjoyed hearing about your perceptions of CGC coming in as a beginning guitarist, and your enjoyment of the journey. Thanks for taking the time to chat with Roger.


  9. Tom – Thanks for the great wrap up on Giuliani! I’ll keep this info in mind as I struggle with some of his pieces!

    Nick – It was great to hear about your guitar journey. Everyone here has an interesting story to share. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Roger – As always thanks for putting together another great podcast!!

  10. Thanks to Roger, Tom, and Nick for offering great conversation and insight.

    Nick it is a pleasure to hear your story. The 8 x 10 photography discussion is inspiring, I share your interest with black and white film. As you know, Ansel Adams seriously thought of a career in music—he was an accomplished pianist. Also, fly fishing and chess—very cool. Your views about the site pronounce how we all feel. Thank you.

    Tom, your study of Giuliani is fascinating. I enjoy hearing the way you are discovery the material of his life.



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