5 thoughts on “CGCA 020 : Tom Beck”

  1. Another fantastic interview!

    I’ve been trying to decide whether Roger is just the next Larry King or that adult amateur classical guitarists are just natural born storytellers, but I suspect that in fact both are correct. I also couldn’t help but observe that Roger divulged his rather tender years, as those of us “of a certain age” are intimately familiar with the gateway drugs known as “Mood for a Day”. In fact, there was a forum discussion started by Drew about a year or so ago where several of us discussed the roots of our addiction.

    Thanks to you both for an inspiring and enjoyable discussion,

  2. Tom,
    Such a pleasure to listen to your interview. I’m so glad you are part of CGC. I love your playing and what you have accomplished in the time you have been here. Keep up the strong work!
    PS: Per-Olav’s Bach Bourree greatly inspired me too. I bought his sheet music too before I joined CGC, hoping I may someday play it. You play a pretty mean Bourree, my friend. Gives me hope I can play it one day too.
    Cheers to many new Bourrees and Carcassi 7s and Blasksmiths ahead of you. Can’t wait to hear what you do next.

  3. Hi Tom, Roger and Simon,

    Really fun listening again. Mark recalls a thread where we were noting some of the classical influences that snuck in through art rock. Whatever the genre it seems we are attracted to collections and colors of notes. Tom, thank you for your open communication. Roger is a good interviewer. I am enjoying how we are learning together.

    See you this summer!

  4. Tom,

    I really enjoyed listening to your interview. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Roger. He’s a great interviewer! Good luck with the Harmonious Blacksmith. That’s such a great piece, and it sounds really good on the guitar.



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