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  1. Hello Roger, Bruce, Dave and Richard,

    Thank you Bruce for your open conversation. I greatly enjoy getting to know you. Your many accomplishments coupled with humble inquisitiveness are a standard for us to follow. How wonderful is the world with an engaging mind such as yours.

    Regarding Dave’s ideas on problem solving, I think the marriage of art and science is realized as we explore technique. Michelangelo holding his chisel. We explore our emotional ideas within the nuances of material.

    Richard’s pursuit of Reginald Smith Brindle is inspiring. Richard notes serial music as an intellectual intrigue. It is fascinating to ponder the percolation of 20th century ideas.

    Best to All,

  2. Great package that packed a punch, Roger. Dave’s idea of taking the recent Challenge and using it forever is a great one I fully endorse too.

    Bruce, your ‘incarnations’ were very revealing and rewarding to listen to. I’m often amazed at some parallels from my own life when I read/listen to our members’ experiences and this is another such time. Your repeated returns to the guitar, your aikido phase (tai’chi in my case), an almost obsessive edge to commitment, your love for duets and more… I can understand all that so well.

    Btw, it was on seeing your duet with Barry in December last that got me thinking about what should someone like me (without playing partners anywhere in the planet I traverse daily) do to enjoy the pleasure of playing music written for two? Hence the computer solution and eventually… DuJu.

    I seriously wish I could listen to you guys perform some music to the words of Rilke’s poetry. That was an enjoyable listen, Bruce. Thanks so much for sharing and more success to your video ventures ;)

  3. These are such wonderful and informative podcasts, Roger! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Bruce, I really enjoyed your guitar story along with all your other endeavors. It’s becoming clear why you play guitar with such depth. We are all very blessed with your presence in the academy!

    Dave – I always learn more in the “Discussions with Dave” segment! Thank you for taking the time to participate in the podcast.

    Richard – thank you for the summary of “Reggie”. I haven’t had time to keep up with the thread and am so grateful for the summary. Roger – it was brilliant for you to include this in the podcast!

  4. Thank you Drew, Narayan, and Donna. I am happy that my meanderings made some sense to you. I really appreciate your comments.

    Actually, Narayan, I met my wife through Tai Chi. She left Germany to travel to Asia to find a Tai Chi teacher but ended up in Boston where she studied Tai Chi with TT Liang. I met her because I was trying to find out about Tai Chi. And. . . I’m glad to hear that the duets that Barry and I played were inspiring for DuJu! That’s cool. Now Barry and I need to get our heads together to see what we can do to follow you! Hmmm…. (thinking)

  5. Roger, thank you for such an enjoyable podcast.
    Great to hear from Dave and Richard.
    Love that intro to Dave’s segment. =)
    And it’s been quite the RSB adventure with Richard. He’s done a fantastic job with moderating this month.

    It is a pleasure to get to know you a little more. Add me to the list of martial art venturer, Yoshukai in my case. I still here my Sensei’s voice “Be patient with your body.”
    I’m so glad your wife pushed you back to the guitar. I’m also a little jealous you have been with CGC from the beginning. Wow has it grown!
    Looking forward to witnessing more of your journey. It will be my hope you are here for a good long while. I can’t imagine a CGC without you. You are a wonderful positive creative force.

  6. What a great podcast! Thanks Roger, Dave, Richard, and Bruce.

    Bruce, it was great hearing about your journey. When you said you feel your music theory knowledge could be better, that really resonated with me. I bet it’s common for classical guitarists because so much of our focus lies in making our hands cooperate. I look forward to meeting you soon… I believe at summer school.


  7. Thank you very much, Kari, for those warm and encouraging words. I take a lot of pleasure and inspiration from your posts on the site. See you at summer school!

  8. Hi Scott — yes, regarding music theory, it’s one reason I want to get to the keyboard sooner or later. I used to feel “guilty” that I was “deficient” in this area — but hey, there are only so many hours in the day. I’ll get to it when I get to it — after it grabs me, probably. I look forward to meeting you at the summer school in a few weeks. I really enjoy your posts and discussions.

  9. Hi Bruce – I’m a bit behind on viewing the podcasts, so I didn’t I get to hear the fascinating story of your classical guitar journey, before I enjoyed your wonderful performance with your wife at summer school!

    I also do tai chi. I started about 25 years ago here in Boston with Zibin Guo. In 2004, I went to China with him and a small group of his students. It was a great experience. There are so many carry-overs from tai chi to our musical journey (and in fact our whole life’s journey!!) Connie was helping me learn the basics of slurs, and she said I should “empty” the one finger, which reminded me of “empty stance.”

    I love the idea of you and your wife having “salons!” Very inspiring!

    Dave – the concept of making the last challenge an ongoing part of our practice is great!!

    Richard – you did a masterful job of managing the composer of the month for Reginald Smith Brindle! It was great to meet you at summer school. Congrats on your ambassador award!

    Roger – keep the great podcasts coming!! I’ll catch up one of these days!!


  10. I loved this entire episode Roger. My yellow Visesnut guitar case twin Richard was very entertaining and I so enjoyed the Reginald Smith Brindle episode. But my new friend , Marion and her husband Bruce are stellar in my world.Thank you so much for recording my duet with Jacques.


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