6 thoughts on “CGCA 023 : Richard Kordel”

  1. Hello Richard, Roger, Simon and Dave,

    Great podcast once again. Richard your involvement, energy and enthusiasm are infectious! Your thoughts and contributions give a sense of a life well lived, thank you. I laughed at the Barney Miller reference!

    Thank you everyone,

  2. I agree. Another great podcast. And, like Drew, I chuckled when I heard the reference to Wojciehowicz and Barney Miller. I loved that show. Great work with the Lancaster CG Society, Richard. Another great job, Roger. And, Dave, I felt like I had sat through a college class on Music Theory and History!

  3. Great podcast from my brother. Nice to hear good words about my piano playing as a child and listening to what he said about our mom and her involvement with the Mandolin society of South Brooklyn. Proud of you brother.

  4. I enjoyed listening to this podcast on my drive up to summer school.
    Roger, another great podcast.
    Richard, I join you in the 1 credit club. That little elective that equaled hours and hours of practice. It was great to hear your journey.
    I am excited to hear about your work with the CG Society and the event in Sept. Lancaster is not too far from our neck of the woods. Hmm… may need to plan a fall family adventure.

  5. Richard, it was great to hear about your guitar journey and all the energy and enthusiasm you put into it! I’m now happily retired, but I too was an instructional designer, when I wasn’t teaching or doing technical training. Like you I’m in awe of the incredible work Simon has done to make this community such a fantastic place.

    It was good to see you again at summer school!


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