10 thoughts on “CGCA 024 : Armando Baltra”

  1. Thank you so much for this Roger! I’m truly humbled to know such wonderful, generous, giving, sensitive, and creative people, not the least of whom is the inimitable Armando. I could listen to his stories for hours on end. What an interesting life he has led. And how incredible that his friend, Violeta Parra, has served as a bridge to a new friendship and bond with Niki. (Let’s hope Niki’s talent is as contagious as are her energy and enthusiasm!). I feel very blessed to be a part of this community, and your work has added depth and insight into the hearts and minds of those who make CGCA the incredible experience that it is.

  2. Great episode Roger – loved how much laughter there is throughout the conversations. Such positive energy! Armando has been a great encouragement for many of us on CGCA. It has also been a joy to play duets with him at the last two summer schools. He has introduced me to rhythmic patterns I never imagined playing before. His love of music from Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay is truly infectious and he is just a great human being. Thanks again for making these interviews possible.

    • Thank you Rick! It was such a good time. Armando is an incredible person. I wasn’t planning on doing an actual interview at Summer School but after hearing about his connection with Violetta Parra I just had to. He had been on my list so it all worked out. :)

  3. This whole episode was fantastic. The Bach composer of the month forum turned into a vast amount of information I would never have known. Thanks Nels! And to hear the summer school voices was really special. 😊
    I still can’t get over Armando’s friendship with Violetta. What an historic time that was!

  4. Roger – The podcasts just keep getting better and better. What a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on, and to hear the amazing stories of other members.

    Armando – It was great to meet you at summer school and to learn after Nikki’s presentation that you had actually known Violetta Parra! You have had an amazing life and accomplished so much. You’re an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your story with us!


  5. Armando, it was such a joy to listen to your guitar journey. What life you have lived. I am so thankful to have your extraordinary self as a part of the CGC community. It was an “espresso shot” to meet you at Summer School. Cheers to the many years ahead of the musical gift you will give to those who have the pleasure to hear you play.

  6. Dear Mark, Bruce, Rick, Janie, Jeff, Judy, and Kari.
    I was in Germany for almost two months and I have just come back and seen all these wonderful comments. Thank you so much for your kind words. I have indeed been blessed with a very exciting life full of unexpected turns. I particularly thank Roger for giving me opportunity to share a bit of all that.

    All the best to you all

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