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  1. What a fun podcast! I was listening as I took a walk through the neighborhood and had so many LOL moments, that people began to look at me oddly! You two are a hoot and offer so much to our community. Yes, I for one, do read the COM posts as much as I can; but haven’t had the time to contribute. Thank you, guys!

    • I didn’t join CGCA until December 2019. As such I’ve been going back through the history of the group, reading COTM, and now playing catch-up on these podcasts.
      It was wonderful to learn about the formation of DuJu and some of the inner workings of COTM.
      Thank all of you for helping to make CGCA an enriching part of my life.

  2. Hi,
    What a fantastic podcast so thank you Roger and the brilliant DuJu. I love listening to all the podcasts Roger and eagerly await the next DuJu performances. Keep them coming!

    I was so sorry to hear, Mark and Narayan, that you aren’t sure just how many people are following the Composer of the Month material and wonder how just widely read it is. You asked for feedback so here it is from me and I can only apologise for my silence on the topic until your prompt.

    I avidly follow the COM each month and I think it is a great addition to the CGCA. I have learnt huge amounts even about composers I already knew, heard many pieces I didn’t know before and learnt about the instruments on which the music would have originally been played. For example, I knew very little about the baroque guitar and hadn’t heard what it actually sounded like when played until I read and listened to the terrific information Narayan included in his posts on Gaspar Sanz this month. So thank you Narayan for that and all your hard work on the Gaspar Sanz related posts this month. I really do appreciate all the hard work the COM moderator volunteers put into their posts each month and to all those who contribute along the way. I suspect there will be many others out there like me – fans but, so far at least, silent followers …….


  3. Thanks Donna. I think I can see you walking past people while smiling full on ;) Thanks Lynette, kind of you to comment on the Sanz thread as well. Thanks John, most of all for those photos of Camden you went out of your way for ;) And thanks Jenny for sharing what you felt. It is gratifying to know you learnt a lot from the COTM threads, including the Sanz one. Lovely you could share that.

  4. Thank you both, Narayan and Mark, for the amazing contribution to our CGCA. Your work is terrific and YES INDEED. THERE ARE MANY OF US WATCHING, LISTENING AND READING IT ALL!
    I apologize for not making you aware of how much I personally enjoy it and learn.

    Duets, trios, quartets?? Great!
    It would be terrific If I could join any of those projects


  5. Narayan/Mark,
    Listening to you two is like listening to two friends who have known each other for ages. Crazy to think DuJu has only been in exhistance months and not years. A joy to hear you all interact. A favorite episode of mine for sure.
    Thank you for all of the COTM contributions you have gifted this community. I don’t do a lot of contributing or commenting, but I do enjoy the COTM thread immensely.

  6. Thanks Kari. You are a source of support for many of us here. I know what you’re saying. I don’t know where this guy had been all these years and then suddenly comes out of hiding just like that ;) Also, in the last one year I’ve been here, I’ve watched and listened and played more classical guitar than ever before in my life. It’s literally been life-changing for me. Maybe the guy to really blame for all this is one Simon Powis ;)

  7. I hit the trifecta with this podcast – three of my favorite CGCA personalities all in the same show! Thank you all for the amazing contributions you’ve made to our community. The three of you should really think about starting your own radio show – “¡Los Tres Amigos!”

  8. Great podcast!! Narayan and Mark, you two have contributed so much to the community. I anxiously await each release from DUJU! It’s sooo cool how you’ve put it all together and are now even adding guest performers. (I’m adding performing with DUJU to my list of shiny objects for the future!!)

    I love following the COTM thread and am amazed at how much quality information is shared there! But usually I don’t feel as though I can add much to the conversation, so I don’t comment.

    The two of you, along with Roger, are very inspiring! Thank you for all your work!!

  9. @jegordon

    Thanks so much for your kind words of support, Judy!

    We’d love to have you join us for a shiny object appearance. Send me a PM whenever you’re ready and we’ll find some music.

    All the best,

  10. Ok, apologies for running a bit late, but really its never too late for a podcast like this. How lucky for all of us that the Narayan and Mark have struck up such a friendship. This community is so much richer because of it. And a great big THANK YOU to Roger for bringing this podcast to us. JR

  11. Thanks John. You know, on the other hand, the community with supportive voices like yours has been such an encouragement for us that we keep constantly at it with some antic or other knowing we will be received warmly. Thanks again, it’s truly our pleasure to ‘entertain’ all the hard working students here and provide a measure of fun.

  12. Terrific conversation DUJU and Roger! Your interest, banter and playful irreverence are infectious. Thank you for your creativity and
    scholarship—-quite a package. As for the attention to the posts I think folks appreciate the study and catch up as they can. Keep up the positive spirit! Great work.


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