3 thoughts on “CGCA 033 : Steve Battazzo”

  1. Excellent podcast, Roger. Thanks Steve for sharing your story. I do not consider myself a jealous man but I can’t help but be envious of your amazing collection of instruments — especially your recently-acquired Kenny Hill Torres model. It must sound like a dream. Be sure to record a few pieces with it and share your videos on the site so we can all bask it its warm, glowing, warming glow.

    And your decision to give your summer school seat to another deserving soul is commendable. Someday I hope to be as kind and generous as you. Not this upcoming summer, of course, but someday…

  2. Great podcast Steve and Roger. Steve’s experiences are joyful to learn about. It is inspiring, as he notes, to not feel guilty about doing something you love. I appreciate Steve’s easy going manner coupled with magnetic focus on music. The path is charged with life—thank you!

  3. Steve, it was great to hear your story and learn about your amazing collection of guitars! How do you decide which one to play?

    Thanks Roger. It’s always interesting to learn about other members journeys.


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