7 thoughts on “CGCA 034 : John Hamilton”

  1. Another great interview. Thanks for sharing so many interesting tidbits about your life and hobbies, John. I especially enjoyed the comment about the kung-fu master meme… so true. The importance of failure can never be emphasized enough. Thanks are extended to Roger for keeping everyone abreast of all the exciting upcoming CGC activities. The updates are just as valuable as the interview. Great work!

  2. Once again a great podcast Roger. John’s candid conversation is refreshing. John’s open thoughts about his occupation, guitar journey and clock repairing is an inspiration. Thank you both. Also, great to hear from Simon and Dave, and to learn more about Tarrega with Scott.

  3. Thanks for a great podcast Roger. I’ll look forward to those new courses and masterclasses. Dave’s lessons on Baroque ornamentation should be very interesting!
    Thanks, too, for the great conversation with Scott about the Tárrega thread and, of course, with John.

  4. Thanks for another action-packed podcast, Roger!
    Simon – I’ll never be able to look at my “pot” plants in quite the same way again!
    Dave – I’m looking forward to the Baroque ornamentation class (even though it will likely be way over my head for now!)
    Scott – Thanks for a masterful job of chairing the COTM thread this month. I really like the small chunk idea!
    John – It was good to hear your cg story. Now I’ll have to go check out your progress journal!


  5. John, I really enjoyed listening to your story during this podcast. I didn’t know you would be the special guest for the Tarrega podcast, or I would have talked more about some of the funny stuff you posted in that thread. Thanks very much for your contributions to CGCA.

    Roger, another great job. Thanks for all that you do for the community.

  6. I enjoyed this edition of the podcast very much, Roger. All the content from Scott, Dave, and John was quite entertaining and informative — and amusing: “pot plant” banter.

    John: definitely a worthy goal: retirement. Join the club of those of us who have “retired to the guitar.”

    Dave: looking forward to the course on ornamentation, which I know can be a deep dive. I feel good with you on the beach as the lifeguard.

    Scott: thanks again for the great Tarrega thread.

  7. Phew! Roger! So glad you helped Simon with the “Pot Plant”.😂

    Really excited about Dave’s upcoming course. Thank you Scott for the wonderful summary on Tarrega. Great interveiw with John – I especially liked the disccussion about memorization.


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