11 thoughts on “CGCA 037 : Dave Coleman”

  1. Great to get to know your journey, Dave. Your general sense of quiet and balance, not to mention some serious wife management skills, are worthy of emulation. Another lovely interview, Roger!

  2. Hi Roger and Dave,

    It was fun to hear about Dave’s background. I can imagine you being a very nice elementary school teacher.
    Dave is right that it’s good to take time for Grade 7. It’s quite a step up from the old Level 3. I plan to stay with Grade 7 for awhile, before doing a submission.
    I also share your thoughts on having so many pieces on a wish list and then hearing something new and wanting to play it. There is just so much great repertoire out there!

    Thank you for the interview!


  3. Jeff–Hwy, fellow retiree!!! Retirement and guitar definitely go together, don’t they!

    Kari–playing a musical instrument is definitely a lifelong activity! I can’t imagine my life without the guitar!!! And now I get a new one!!! :-) In a year :-(

    Donna–that was such a fun time in Pasadena!!! We definitely need to do it again…soon!!!

    Scott–Yes, I avoid L.A. unless I have a good reason for going. Jamming sounds like a good reason to me!!!

    Linda–the older I get, the longer the wish list! But hey, it beats slowing down!!! It gives us all something to look forward to!

  4. Narayan—the wife management skills are all an illusion! She’s really the brains and heart of things. She just lets me think I have some control. Although getting a new kitchen certainly didn’t hurt In my humble request for a new guitar (even though she doesn’t understand why anyone would need more than one) But thank you for the compliment! :-)

  5. Hi Dave, great to hear the journey of another retiree. What a great background you have. My journey really only started in retirement so the shiny objects out there are many!

    Thanks, Roger! Looking forward to hearing many more stories in 2020!

  6. Hi Dave and Roger,

    Great to hear your story Dave! I agree that playing guitar has many qualities for us, therapeutic and spiritual as you note. Looking forward to learning about your new guitar. Jamming with Scott sounds fun!

    Happy playing,


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