5 thoughts on “CGCA 039 : Ian Steedman”

  1. Ian, it was interesting to hear more from you about your thoughts on practice and playing. Not having started my guitar journey until I retired, I too have a goal of just playing for enjoyment. I don’t think there’s a concert guitarist’s career for me in this lifetime, but there’s so much beautiful music I want to add to my repertoire. As I prepare for the Grade 3 submission, I’ve also found this grade to be kind of a turning point. I’ll be following your posts on the site! And good luck with your submission!

    Thanks for bringing us another interesting story, Roger!


  2. Hi Ian and Roger,

    Ian’s inquisitive ideas are a boon for CGC. It is wonderful that Ian expresses the joy he wishes to accomplish by simply playing. The piece Roger mentions in the conversation is indeed in the Noad Solo Guitar Playing book, it is a Bourrée by J.S.Bach. Thank you Ian and Roger for an interesting conversation.

    Best Regards,

  3. Nice to hear from you Ian. One more under the tutelage of Mr. Noad, is it? Great. I have my wife’s brother’s family settled in London, so it’s a second home for me. For many reasons, I haven’t been there for more than a year and you brought back to me in your voice and delivery the essential things about everyday Brit humour – say it without fuss and say it with understatement. Enjoyed that.

    Roger, you’re doing us all a great service yet again bringing our individual stories alive.


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