10 thoughts on “CGCA 040 : Judy Gordon”

  1. Judy, nice to hear more about you. I’m also lining up for the G3 exam. Good luck! See you at Summer School. Maybe we can get some Tai Chi in.

    Another great podcast–thanks Roger.

  2. Roger, thanks for having me on the podcast. I’m honored to be Member Podcast #40!! And I’ll try to think of something unique for #50!

    Thanks, Mark. That was an interesting article and very apropos!

  3. Judy, I was listening to your podcast while I was putting new strings on my guitar. You were great company. You have had such an adventurous life, I really admire you. I also spent some time in Panajachel on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in the late 80s…great memories.

    Roger and Niki, enjoyed your company too. Regards to you all, JR

  4. Judy,

    I just realized I forgot to comment! I enjoyed your podcast very much. You are such an adventurer. I could listen to your laugh all day, and it would still bring me joy. Thanks for taking the time to chat with Roger.


  5. Agree with Scott on Judy’s laughter (see Gabriel’s podcast comments for the award citation). In better times, I would have called it infectious ;)

    I can identify with the travel bug so much. It’s what I try and do every year, though not in a make-shift camper into earthquake prone regions. Great to feel the zest for life in the things you chose to talk about. Another great interview, Roger.


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