9 thoughts on “CGCA 041 : Gabriel Wilkins”

  1. Another awesome CGCA Member’s Podcast. Gabriel, it was really great to hear your story and the parallels with Roger’s story. I’m looking forward to your Grade 4 submission, and hope to someday make it to Australia for summer school.


  2. Hi Gabriel! I enjoyed hearing your story, especially after just listening to your great Grade 4 Submission!

    Roger, thanks as always for an interesting podcast, and for the tip on choosing the best 3 out of 4 on an exam recording!! I might have to use that!


  3. Gabriel and Roger,

    Thank you for a terrific interview. Gabriel I had so much fun meeting you in Sydney! I appreciate your approach to the guitar, family and work—-great balance. I wish we were closer, I certainly would join in on the duet idea!

    Happy playing,

  4. The award for the Greatest Conversational Laugh – Female goes to Judy Gordon. Same thing – Male goes to Gabriel Wilkins.

    Great interview. Enjoyed listening to the meat-heavy Uruguayan background and the drifting off to guitar land while in a meeting among a lot of interesting things. That was a freewheeling and easy going conversation. Great job, both.

    And I did hear you two, Simon and Roger on the duet thing. Hey, on my part, willing to pitch in in any way. Let me know, glad to help.


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