7 thoughts on “CGCA 047 : Thane Pittman”

  1. Thank-you, Roger, for another delightful podcast!
    Thane, it was fun to listen to your story, I enjoyed your humor! I hope you love living in Portland, although I live in Newfoundland, my whole extended family is from Portland.
    Thanks to Dave and Niki for organizing the Duet Challenge. Perhaps Thane can help us with the technical parts?

  2. Thane,

    I enjoyed this podcast very much. It was great to hear your story. Good luck with your move to Portland. It’s a wonderful city and you’ll be trading that hot desert sun for a cool mist. Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for all you do. I know these podcasts are a lot of work, and it’s a great treat to hear a new one each week.


  3. Roger, Thank you so much. Somehow I just learned that you do a weekly Podcast so I have a lot of catching up to do, you do a great service for the community here, bravo. The abundance here at CGC is mighty impressive. Thanks to Niki and Dave for bravely leading us through a Duet Challenge. Thane, I enjoyed your sharing and wish all the best for your move to the Portland.


  4. Thanks for another fun podcast, Roger!

    Thane, it’s great to hear your story. I hope your move goes smoothly, and I think you’ll really enjoy Portland. Besides all the great food, there’s a good classical guitar scene! (My older son has been living there for 5 years now, so I’ve been visiting frequently (until COVID), but so far no plans to move out there!)

    Dave, thanks for some more info about the duet challenge! It’s really fun! In addition to learning a new piece, playing with a partner, and stretching my technical abilities, I’ve made a new friend!!


  5. Hi Thane,

    Thank you for sharing all of the stories. I have enjoyed learning about your experience. Visiting the progress journals I listened to you play your longtime guitar—sounds good! Good luck in Portland!

    Roger, thanks for the interviews with Dave and Thane. The guitar duets sound challenging. Dave’s approach of experimenting with modest expectations is very wise.



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