6 thoughts on “CGCA 049 : Immanuel Creagh”

  1. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for your podcasts, I’ve been enjoying the interviews, especially at this time of isolation, and was excited to hear about Emmanuel, who, from his description, only lives about an hour north of where I live. I’ve appreciated all the extra videos from Simon too, it’s so good to hear theory taught in a way that relates to guitar and with such a passion. I feel more connected than ever with CGCA, even though I’ve been a member for a couple of years, I haven’t really become involved before, partly because of previously having poor internet access, and partly due to lack of time.
    My question is in relation to the call for compositions. Last year, I was asked to write some harmonies and record them for a woman named Vreni Murphy, who writes folk tunes for recorders, tin whistles and other folk instruments. I recorded them using my classical guitar, overlaid the tracks using Garageband and emailed the recordings. When a fiddler named Greg O’Leary heard them, he suggested I write a classical guitar solo version for one of the arrangements, which I did and sent that off too. The result was that my work was included in a publication with CD released this year in time for the National Folk Festival which was cancelled along with all our festivals unfortunately. Vreni won awards for her tunes in the 2017 and 2019 Northumbrian Piper’s Society Annual competitions, and Greg won the 2013 Golden Fiddle competition at Tamworth, so I’ve felt very honoured to be asked by them to contribute.
    I understand that this might not fit your criteria, so please let me know.
    Kind regards,
    Marg Sherringham.

  2. Hello Immanuel and Roger,

    Thank you! I had the pleasure of meeting Immanuel in Sydney. It is so nice to learn more. I love the stories. The thoughts about the labyrinth are inspiring. Keep up the great work Immanuel!


  3. Hi Roger, I’ve been trying to listen to all the podcasts, though not in order. They really are fun! I did have trouble with this one, for some reason it just stops in the middle and goes to repeat.
    Immanuel it sounds like you have a peaceful and loving life. I love walking the labyrinth! Thank-you for sharing your stories.


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