5 thoughts on “CGCA 051 : Jeff Peek”

  1. Hi,

    Jeff and Roger thank you for an engaging interview. Jeff, my first guitar was a Stella too. I have enjoyed meeting you in the CGC forums, at our local meet-ups, and summer school. I laughed at your confession about socializing too much during summer school!

    I appreciate Jeff’s candid discussion about his journey. Mr. Dave B. offers many exciting ideas of the duet book and upcoming challenges!


  2. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your story with us. I think I can relate to a lot of your experiences as we from the same era. And isn’t retirement great!!! I wish you all the best on your Grade 4 work!

    Dave :-)

  3. Hi Jeff – It was great to hear more of your story! It is interesting to see how many tai chi principles tie over into playing guitar (and vice versa). It sounds as though we’re at the same point in our journey through Grade 4! Have fun with it!

    Roger, thanks for all 51of these wonderful podcasts!

  4. Thank-you to Roger, Dave and Jeff for this fun podcast!
    Jeff, I feel like I am about four steps behind you in the learning process, and one of my dearest friends is from the San Francisco area. I feel like I should be asking you do you know so and so. LOL
    I hope to meet you in person at our summer school!


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