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  1. ShannonAnn, you are so cheerful and outgoing that after listening to your interview, I went out and helped a neighbor with job on a hot day. Hope to see you in the Grade 4 Study Group and hopefully at Summer School too. I went in 2019 and it was quite a broadening experience for me.
    Best Wishes,

  2. OMG, what a delightful experience listening to the 2 of you! I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience this morning as I was driving to work.. About half a lifetime ago, I tried to drive to Newfoundland from Cleveland, but somehow underestimated the size of Maine, and gave up at Campobello Island, turning south (and no doubt passing near Beverly, Massachusetts). At that time in my life I was a huge Nanci Griffith fan, and pretty much listened to her music during the whole trip. Aside from her Texas drawl, I think you’ll notice the similarity in your voices
    Thanks, Roger, you’re the greatest!
    And, ShannonAnn, you have a new fan ;]
    All the best,

  3. Thank-you so much for the very fun interview Roger! You are truly the greatest!

    Thanks for listening Jeff, I will definitely check out the grade four study group!

    Mark, I am flattered to remind you of Nanci Griffith, I love her music! Thanks for listening.


  4. What a lovely podcast! ShannonAnn, i really enjoyed learning about your interesting life. From boat repair to radio broadcaster to portrait artist to classical guitarist…amazing resume of life experiences. It was a real joy to listen to your podcast today.

    Roger, another great one, and you have earned a well-deserved summer off. Thanks for all you do for us.


  5. Hi ShannonAnn, It was great to hear your story! Every time I saw you sign in to the chats, I wanted to tell you how much I love Newfoundland! A friend and I drove up there from northern NH in her camper van in the summer of 2017, and spent a month driving around, from Gros Morne (we must have driven right past your home) up to Twillingate, Fogo Island, Bonavista, down to St. Johns and the Avalon Peninsula!. We saw whales, puffins, and icebergs and had cod tongues with Iceberg beer!!
    Cool that you met your husband in St. Thomas. I met my husband in St. Croix!
    Hope to see you around the site and in the Grade 4 study group!

    Thanks, Roger! And even though we’ll miss the weekly podcasts, you deserve some time off. Enjoy!

  6. Scott, thank-you so much for giving a listen! You are one of the main people I follow, I so appreciate your kindness and generosity!

    Judy, Judy, Judy! You are my girl! Anyone who lived in the USVI for four years knows! I also lived in Boston for a short while, I worked at the DingHo Comedy Club in Cambridge for over a year. Were you around for that?
    I lived in Brighton Square and then moved to Jamaica Plain before I moved to Vermont. I got as far as Africa but not to England, which has always been a goal for me. Not to mention Portland, which I love completely!
    You and I joined CGC just a few weeks apart, we have so much in common it is unreal! We will meet in person before we are through! :)

  7. Hello,

    ShannonAnn thank you for sharing your delightful stories! Your interests sound wonderful and connected. Meeting your husband when you looked up from the impromptu performance! Very romantic!
    I wish you well.

    Roger the discussion with Simon is nice as always.



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