11 thoughts on “CGCA 053 : Janna Mattia”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for a wonderful interview with Janna. Hearing Janna’s story is like being with a friend, easy and genuine. Janna your art is terrific. The upcoming book and your idea for the next book are an inspiration—very impressive! I wish you well with your expression be it with art or music.

    Roger, thanks for the chat with Nels—our super CGC contributor. The conversation about Beethoven is very interesting.


  2. Janna, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I love San Diego! My parents, my sister, and my brother all live there along with two nieces and a nephew. Those young’n’s would love your book about the small brown sparrow. Let me know when you publish it. Congrats on your success as a graphics artist and guitarist.

    Nels, fantastic job with Beethoven month. I’m lovin’ it.

    Roger, you’re a legend.

  3. Janna, it was fun to hear your stories, thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your new book, your illustrations are awesome!
    Thank-you Roger for all that you do for us! Enjoy some summer down time.

  4. Nels – you’re doing an awesome job as curator of the COTM! Nice work!

    Janna – it was great to get to know a bit more about you. Your artwork is beautiful, and I’ve really been enjoying your duet posts!

    Roger – Thanks as always for all you do!


  5. Great job as always Roger :)

    Nels – great job on Beethoven month, and well done for compressing it into a 15 minute spot here!

    Janna – great interview with you, loved hearing about you and your illustrations are so fantastic. I’ll be looking out for the book hopefully making it across to the UK.

    To either Roger or Janna (or anyone else who knows…) – what was the book of exercises you mentioned? Gitara Locos or some variation of that?

  6. I’m yet to listen to the podcast but Kitharologus is a guitar book on technique. Perhaps the mention was about that.

  7. Roger, another great podcast! Thank you for all you do. Glad to hear you’re giving yourself a bit of break to recharge those mighty batteries of yours.

    Janna, thank you for sharing your story. Your artwork is an inspiration but your pure joy for the guitar is equally uplifting. Looking forward to seeing you continue to grow on your journey.


  8. Roger and Janna, that was the sweetest interview ❤.
    Janna, I am so excited for your musical journey. Keep rocking it out! You’re brilliant!

    Nels – Mr. COTM force. I really enjoyed your overview.


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