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  1. Hello CGCA Team,
    I’m already a member of Classical Guitar Shed. I will be interested in upgrading in about a month. Question: would an IPAD work for coaching calls (realize this feature is not available w/ quarterly membership)? I am new to these types of media.
    I purchased a copy of the 20 practice routines on Amazon. I’m interested in watching your videos and working with the book (I do read notation at an intermediate level, I think). Intention is to work on a routine w/ timer since it’s too easy to get overwhelmed, distacted & feel defeated. How to practice has been my ongoing question for years; last two CG teachers I took lessons with didn’t give me an answer that was satisfying; no disrespect and it is my truth.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Neil,

      While all of the repertoire, practice routines, and homework and exercises pdfs from the lessons are all downloadable, the video lessons are not downloadable and can only be accessed online. Best wishes.


      Dave B (CGC team)


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