11 thoughts on “CGCA 010 : Rick Lord”

  1. Roger, what a gem of a podcast. I appreciated the recap Robert provided of the Wilmington, Delaware meet-up. What a fun event! Hope more members volunteer to send out more meet-up recaps in the future.
    Rick, what can I say, you are a beacon of inspiration. There was a couple of times I was in tears listening to your story. Thanks for coming on and thank you for sharing your journey. As a self-proclaimed Rick Lord groupie, I’ll be first in line for an autograph of your CD when I see you again at Summer School.
    Keep strengthening the discovery of all you can do.
    From this small student, cheering you on…

  2. Wonderful interview!
    Rick comes out just like the great guy I’ve known for sometime now. His professional and musical background is fascinating. I had no idea he had played with his identical twin brother in a rock band in the past. I have -of course- a copy of his CD and have heard it may times already and I thought his description of what it took to produce a CD of that quality is most impressive.

  3. Another fantastic podcast. Roger, you’re really coming into your own as an interviewer. There was a pretty long period where Rick was talking and you didn’t interrupt because you made it all about Rick. Not that you were ever less than stellar, but it’s a real testament to your interview skills that Rick’s story came across so well.

    Rick, it was great to hear your story. It didn’t bring me to tears 😭, but your story is moving and I totally understand where Kari is coming from. You’ve inspired me to contemplate creating a CD. How did you go about choosing the pieces you assembled on the album?


  4. Another epic Rog-cast! As always, thank you Roger for the time and effort you put into doing these. They are an amazing treat that I look forward to every other weekend. I guess you deserve a break from them; but now I’m eagerly awaiting February!

    Rick, thank you for being so open about your journey with the guitar. You have an amazing story to tell and I’m glad that it’s still going; and that you’re already planning a second album. Maybe the next one can be all CGCA requested pieces! :) I don’t know that I’ll ever put out my own CD, but you inspired me to keep reaching for more with my guitar journey then simply playing a few songs. You’re leaving a great legacy behind that I’m excited to be a part of by having your music in my life.

  5. Fascinating podcast, Rick and Roger. Thank you so much for sharing. Rick, I especially enjoyed hearing about your destiny path to the guitar, and also the details about the recording project. I can only imagine the hours it must have taken to produce this excellent CD. Wow! It was also fun to hear about your connection to Jason Vieaux. I didn’t realize you had taken a masterclass with him — and again, I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been — but ultimately thoroughly rewarding. I look forward to more posts and projects. All Best Wishes, Bruce

  6. What a great podcast Roger. Really enjoyed getting to know you Rick. Some of that recording info was waaay beyond me but it was very interesting and my world just got a bit bigger…thank you both. JR

  7. Gosh Roger – what an amazing podcast! I downloaded Rick’s CD and have been enjoying it. What fun to hear about his wonderful musical journey from opening for Alice Cooper to shaking the hand of the great maestro, Segovia! Thank you Roger for providing us with this podcast. I love hearing the stories of the members.

  8. This was another fantastic podcast. Really enjoyed hearing Rick’s story. Thank you so much for sharing. I suspect there was a lot more that could be discussed if there was time. Rick was an extremely articulate and elequent guest, very personable and with great stories and information to share.

  9. Another fine episode!

    I really enjoyed learning more about a musician who is such a fine role model for “the unruly kids” in CGCA like myself. Such a wonderful insight into Rick’s process.

    Thanks for putting this together and sharing with us.

  10. Another great podcast!

    Rick, you really are a superstar. I’m looking forward to seeing you and hearing you play again at summer school!

    I doubt there’s a CD in my future; I just wish I could get better at recording myself for posting on the site, and be less nervous about it. I fall apart in front of my iPhone!


  11. Thank you for the conversation, as with all of the interviews a new door opens as we learn about a member. Rick’s ‘rewirement’ journey gives appreciative insight about transitions of life—excellent!

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