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  1. Mark,
    It was a fabulous treat to listen to your guitar story. Can’t wait to listen to all the lovely music you make on your guitars in the years to come. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

    I second the next installment of guitar orchestra music for a Virginia meet up 😆.

  2. Hi Mark and Roger — just got back from walking the dog at the river and listening to the podcast. Great to hear the life stories, Mark — and of course I also was very interested in your adventures with purchasing guitars. I remember your story about visiting Savage classical guitar from chatting with you at summer camp – -and it inspired me to visit Rich also — which was fun. Rich was very helpful. I had a really good time hanging out with him. I hope you will make some video/recordings of the same pieces played on the different guitars, recorded with similar equipment. That would be interesting. I look forward to following your progress journal this year. I feel like we’ve been on the trail together for a while, since I first saw your videos in Artistworks.

    All Best, Bruce

  3. Roger, another excellent podcast; you’re truly getting great at these. They flow so naturally and we get to hear some great stories from our fellow guitarist. I always look forward to the next episode!

    Mark, you have some wonderful stories to tell and you tell them well! Granted, you also scared me away from the idea of commissioning a guitar, but I’m years away from that. Thank you putting in all those years with the Army and Coast Guard, from one vet to another, I salute you! Now go get some recordings out there for us to watch and drool over all these gorgeous guitars you told us about! 🤣

  4. Roger & Mark,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful conversation! I like the metaphor of being together in your house (perhaps some fireplace crackles in the background might be nice). Whenever my enthusiasm flags and I start second guessing myself, these podcasts bring me back into the fold. I’m hoping that the demand for SS slots might engender an expansion in 2020 so that more members will be able to attend. I also would love to listen to an evening of guitar show & tell (which I hope will be added in the future). In the meanwhile, I just want to let you guys know that I am NOT spending every waking moment googling & ogling Dominelli guitars!

    Many thanks, again.


  5. Roger – Thank you for another first class interview.
    Mark – I enjoyed learning more about you.

    We share a lot about our music and not always much about ourselves. The personal stories are a great addition the the academy.

    Martha Kreipke

  6. Bruce, Michael, my alter-ego, and Martha,
    You’re all being very gracious about my ability to turn a two word answer into a ten minute ramble! As you all know Roger is the perfect host for these chats, even though I managed to silence him for most of ours.
    I promise that some time before SS I will post my own show and tell with my guitars and post it to my journal. I had intended to do this last year but my Christmas prep interfered.
    MarkC2: gogleing and oogling is half the fun, no? I guess I’m so impressed with Marcus because i learned the hard way just how hard it is to find a reputable luthier who can deliver on a promise to make and deliver on time a superior instrument.
    Thank you Michael. Serving was an honor and a privilege – one I try never to take for granted. I know you understand. Now let’s both get to work on getting Roger back in composer mode! I’m dying to see him wave his new “wand” around!

  7. Thank you everyone. It was a blast to chat with Mark and hear his stories. I also want to give a shout out to Gabriel for doing the Sydney report. It has been a lot of fun bringing out these correspondent reports like the one we had by Robert in December. I hope to include more fun things like this in the future.

  8. For someone whose life adventures straddled all the elements – air, sea and land – it is fitting he is lovingly saddled with not one but 3 fine guitars, one for each element. Enjoyed your stories, Mark. Great to listen to. Roger, as always, a pleasure.

  9. Mark and Roger,

    Great interview once again. Enjoyed learning more about your career Mark. Maybe you could fly us up to Endicott this summer! I’ve learned a great deal about luthierie matters from you and am grateful you blazed a trail in finding a reputable and talented builder in Marcus Dominelli. We all look forward to your continued progress this year at CGCA and to the sounds of Rompre, Dominelli, and Hill emanating from your heart and hands.


  10. Just got back from an evening walk enjoying another wonderful podcast. Thank you Roger and Mark. Mark – I loved your stories of Spain, commissioning the guitar, and then acquiring the dream guitar! Thank you for sharing your wonderful playing in the Showcase forum. I’m so glad you started a progress journal. So many of us will be learning from you and the other trail blazers in Grade 7!

    All the best,

    Donna Z

  11. Thank you for the well wishes Donna! Grade 7 – Yikes! It’s a dive into the deep end of the pool, where I know I’ll be treading water for a long time. I’m excited to begin nonetheless.

  12. I finally was able to listen to the podcast last week. Roger, another great job interviewing. I appreciate the way you prompt the subject and then just let them tell their story. I know putting these together takes a lot of time and work, but I really enjoy listening to them and getting to know other members in the academy. I finish listening to one, and immediately start wondering who will be the next subject.

    Mark, I really enjoyed learning so much more about you. I would have never guessed you are a retired helicopter pilot. I really enjoyed the story about landing at the Coast Guard station and seeing white and orange helicopters! I grew up on the coast of Texas and we sailed all the time, so we saw a lot of the Coast Guard, which made your story even more meaningful. That story and the story about your attempts at purchasing luthier built guitars were great. A great warning to the rest of us.

    I watched a bit of the coaching call replay and when I saw your segment, I felt like I was now watching an old (pardon the term) friend.

    Thank you for sharing your stories.


  13. Thank you Rick and Glenn for your kind comments. CGCA is a special place. The coaching calls, the live seminars, Roger’s interviews, the student showcase, the progress journals, the meetups and the summer school all combine to create a unique interactive environment that has and will continue to build friendships across and throughout the membership. The fact that many if not most are virtual doesn’t make them any less valued or meaningful. The sense of community that CGCA (Simon and Dave and Connie et al) has created here, offers the perfect and a very necessary complement, in my view, to all the many hours spent alone in one’s practice room. I’ll look forward to hearing more about you soon as well I hope Glenn. Warm regards, Mark

  14. Dear Mark and Roger,

    Mark, it has been a pleasure knowing you through CGC. I have enjoyed all of our interaction. Your stories give a sense of a life well lived. It seems to me our goals should be involved with education, service, expansion of thought, and creativity—-your exploration of the past 40 years is exemplary! Thank you for all you have provided and accomplished.

    Roger and other commentators, I am very happy to report that the summer school experience in Sydney is already a great memory for me!

    Best Regards,

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