9 thoughts on “CGCA 013 : Donna Zitzelberger”

  1. Another fantastic interview! A lifetime love affair with the guitar and a home at CGCA..truly inspiring for all of us who gather here to learn. Definitely accomplishing your 2019 podcast goals!

    My distinct memory of John Denver in concert was his immensely powerful voice, which (at least for me) was never quite captured in his recordings. I don’t have the records anymore, but one of my favorite songs that I do still listen to is on Emmylou Harris’s Duets CD, where she and John do a wonderful song “Wild Montana Skies”.

    And while I am of course flattered to be called energetic at my age, I’m on record as paling before the force of nature which goes by the name Roger Ramirez!!

  2. what a great interview, Donna and Roger! I could relate to so many of your experiences, much because of the CA connection. While I didn’t study with the same people, I did get to meet Jim Smith a couple of times in the early 70’s. I was in the guitar program at CSU Fullerton and he brought a quartet to play the Brandenburg Concerto #6. It was incredible. I wish I remembered who the quartet members were. And Pepe Romero (Peppy as we referred to him, not to his face!) did a masterclass for us. And we grew up on the same folk music of the time. Thanks for sharing your guitar history and how it’s shaped your present. It was inspiring! We’ll see you on the 17th at the So.Cal Meetup! I’m so looking forward to it!!!

    Dave Coleman

  3. Thanks, Roger, for another awesome Podcast. Listening to these makes the forums come to life!

    Donna, you’ve had an amazing guitar journey! Thanks for sharing your story! Very inspiring!

  4. Delightful interview, Roger. And really cool addition with “Composer of the Month!”

    You are such an encourager to so many of the members here at CGC. I’ve enjoyed watching you thrive on this site. I look forward to see you grow in your playing.
    I also really enjoyed learning more about your involvement in teaching little musicians. You do have a dream job. Keep inspiring those kids, and inspiring us!
    Wishing you well,

  5. Thank you everyone! It was such an honor to be asked to do an interview. Roger is so good in this role – he totally calmed my nerves.

    Mark – I saw John Denver in concert just 2 months before he passed. His voice was tremendous at that time. He said it was because he learned how to REALLY sing from Placido Domingo, when they did a duet together.

    Dave – That is so awesome that you met Jim! The Brandenburg Concertos seemed his favorite Bach pieces. Those and the “Bouree”. He used to play the Bouree and then follow up with Chet Atkins’ “Yankee Doodle Dixie” to explain counterpoint to me. Also, so amazing that you got to be in a master class with Pepe Romero!

    Linda – Thank you for the encouraging words and so glad you enjoyed the teacher “talk”. You and I are so lucky to have the opportunity to place music in little fingers.

    Judy – Thanks so much!

    Kari – It absolutely is a dream job. I am grateful everyday!

  6. This was such an enjoyable interview – Donna’s enthusiasm and commitment came through with such intensity – my hats off to you Donna! And Roger of course, for selecting Donna as interviewee and setting up this podcast in the first place. It’s listening to podcasts like this that can ignite (or reignite) enthusiasm for the guitar.

  7. Thank you Roger, for another great podcast, and thank you Donna for sharing your wonderful journey with music, the guitar and teaching. I know we’re all envious of your incredible associations with so many classical guitar luminaries. Wow! I almost expected you to finish with, “and then one afternoon John Williams and Julián Bream stopped by my classroom for a spot of tea!” Thanks also for all you contribute to CGCA. We’ll be anxious to hear and see (a video perhaps?) all about your meetup later this month. Enjoy! Warm regards, Mark

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