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  1. What an absolutely fascinating and entertaining podcast. Narayan, you are a fabulous story teller. You joined CGC, WITHOUT a guitar. I literally laughed out loud in surprise. That story is AWESOME. But my favorite story was the reason you started to play the guitar again, after all these long year (ok, ok…not tooo many years, you’re still a young pup). Oh, and a second favorite moment was how you chose your Spain guitar (Roger did a great job eekin that one out of you…well done, Rog).
    I am so glad to get to know you more. All I can say is, “The dude abides” (pop culture reference, check out the movie “the big lebowski.”

  2. That, seriously, was the most adorable interview I have ever heard in my life! Roger…what can I say! Awesome! Narayan… you are so interesting, a real Tatiana with your selfie duets and quartets. I love your history with learning western popular music and the Creedence Clearwater Revival quote was enjoyed by my whole family!

  3. Such a wonderful podcast Narayan and Roger thank you both. Seems like Serendipity has walked with you on your guitar journey Narayan. My copy of Noad cost me $1:95 AUD in 1968 and was my introduction to learning to read notation in relation to the guitar. Happy for you on your reuniting with guitar.

  4. Thanks Kari, Janie and Lynny for listening to that l-o-n-g, never-ending episode and for the kind words. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this and I must obviously learn the art of restraint. Lynny, that’s so perceptive – you don’t know the number of times I’ve used that word ‘serendipity’ to myself by way of describing my own musical journey.

  5. What an absolutely fascinating interview! Thank you, Narayan, for being so open and willing to share your experiences. You have such a natural, easy way of sharing and telling stories! I could have listened longer! BTW my copy of the Noad book cost $2.95 USD in 1971. Times have changed!

    Thanks again for a really cool interview!

    Dave :-)

  6. Yes, it was definitely worthwhile listening! Narayan, that interview was as great as your recordings of multiple Narayans!! I loved hearing about your start with tapes of CCR, The BeeGees, etc. when you didn’t even know what on earth they were singing about! Music really is the international language!

    When are we having the CGC Mumbai Meet-Up?

    Thanks Roger for another great podcast!

  7. I listened to this interveiw while traveling yesterday, it was wonderful! Narayan, you are such a good story teller and Roger – your interveiw skills are awesome. I laughted completely out loud at your joining CGCA without a guitat and then just loved the story of getting a guitar in Spain! Thank you for another awesome interview!


  8. Haha how does Roger interview a classical guitarist from India, and end up discussing sub genres of heavy metal? I love it! That was hugely entertaining and at the same time very open and candid discussion. Thank you for sharing so much Narayan!

  9. Thanks, folks. Dave, if I get caught for some nefarious dealings, they should do well to send Roger to talk to me. I will open up and tell him everything! He is gentle, involved and skilful. And my sincere thanks to you for suggesting Amalio Burguet, I so love it.

    Judy, on the CGC Mumbai meet, I believe we have to tackle the formidable Linda who is gunning for Germany ;) Thanks.

    Donna, thank you for listening to this in all your busy scheduling.

    And Michael, you are too funny, man. Enjoyed your comment.

  10. Narayan! I loved putting your fascinating voice with the face and music we’ve all come to know and love! Such energy; such exuberance; and such wonderful stories! You are quite the raconteur my friend. I must say I was quite relieved to learn that you actually didn’t burn your classical guitar. And like Kari, I cracked up when you said you joined CGCA without a guitar! Thank you for sharing your guitar adventures with us, and thank you Roger, for another well crafted page in our collective book of special CGCA memories!

  11. Thank you John and Mark. As you well know, Mark, our friend Roger has an effective way of following up on every thread and sub-thread in the conversation with the skill of a surgeon. He put me at ease and I just went on and on and on, I really think. Must learn to shut up once in a while ;)

  12. Roger and Narayan,

    Thank you both for giving your time to us and sharing such amusing and insightful stories. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. Glad you found CGC, Narayan! You are a shining example of how to make best use of this site and this community.

    Best to you both,

  13. Terrific podcast Narayan and Roger!

    All of Narayan’s early musical influences are so familiar. I laugh thinking about the cassette recordings and so much more!

    Thank you both,

  14. Thank you Bruce, Robert and Drew. It is heartening to note that such experiences from far away actually made a connection with you guys. Truly surprising from my end, but deeply glad.

  15. Hey Narayan! I just listened to your podcast – what a great interview, very entertaining, and I related to a lot of what you said. You brought to life for me again that feeling when you are young and discovering something that really resonates with you, captivates you, and the focus and attention that you can provide to that thing, even when that thing is not popular among your friends. It’s almost like discovering a new land, maybe what Columbus felt like when he landed in the New World! A great sense of adventure. About the fact that you bought books you couldn’t even use at the time, I have done that so much over my life, knowing that I somehow related to that subject and would someday find the book useful. I still have some books I haven’t cracked yet, but I know I will someday! And of course knowing that you HAD to join CGC even though you didn’t have a guitar yet! Life gets more complex as we get older in life, and it’s harder to find the time for that kind of focus, but you have inspired me to try to recreate that feeling of adventure in learning new things. And, of course, you have done beautifully since you joined CGC and have made great progress. Thank you for a great interview Roger and Narayan! On a personal note, I am going to Banjo camp in about a month, something I haven’t played for over a year, and was never more than an advanced beginner, but I am looking forward to getting away for a 3 day weekend and a sense of banjo adventure! I will be thinking of your podcast sentiments!

    • It is so fantastic to hear your thoughts, Pat. From starting out thinking how I’ll manage to say anything of relevance to an international audience to ending it thinking why did I have to talk so much, it has now been fabulously disorienting to discover a lot of us ‘connecting’ in unexpected ways. That thing you say about those books is so true and because I’ve wondered about that forever, I ended up talking about it too, I guess. I’m glad all this somehow has given you some renewed energy and we can all do with that at any stage in life. Many fantastic best wishes for your Banjo camp. Your firm left hand placements were among the first things I noticed after joining CGC and they’ll come handy in your camp, I’m sure. Power to you!

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