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  1. Very engaging podcast, Scott. Living so close to GSI . . . I admire your self-discipline. Only 1 guitar in twelve years! I look forward to meeting you at the summer school, and I enjoyed hearing your story with Roger. PS >> if you could post that picture of your tie block, I’d be interested. I have the same set up on one of my guitars — but so far no problems.

  2. Great interview Roger. Scott, great story, I enjoyed listening to that.
    I enjoyed differential equations when I studied maths and have an interest in geology as well so I’m definitely checking out your videos on Clay Mineral Properties and Terzaghi’s Consolidation Theory. I never thought I’d get the opportunity to say that on a guitar forum!

  3. A pleasure to get to know you, Mr. Scott. And MEET you oh so very soon.
    I’m so glad you are part of this academy. Your enthusiasm, humor, and may I say, fabulous technical analysis is top notch. You leave a legacy of excellence and positivity in the forum.
    I am honored to witness your growth and can’t wait to see where your guitar journey takes you.

    PS: I hope we may see a cameo of you and your progeny one of these months ;)

  4. Scott, wonderful to hear more about your guitar journey and to witness the dedication you have to your craft. I don’t know if I have ever shared with you that I have had Luis Fernandes de Cordoba to some work for me on my Andreas Kirmse Guitar. He has pictures of that repair on his website. He is a wonderful person and excellent Luthier and deserves far more recognition than he gets in my opinion.

    Thanks for all the wonderful contributions you have made to CGC your videos.

  5. Wonderful interview Scott! I look forward to seeing you again this summer. The conversation about your family, growing up in Imperial Valley, Cal Poly, your first guitar, playing for your kids, visiting GSI are all resonant stories. I appreciate the life you have created. Thank you for your candid approach and down to earth style.

    Great work Roger, Simon and Dave!


  6. Thanks to everyone who listened and posted comments! Roger is a great interviewer.

    Bruce, I had to change my strings on Sunday and I just posted a video showing how I tie the trebles. Others have posted additional videos showing some really cool ways to do it.

    John, I hope that my engineering YouTube videos bring you instant deep sleep. Haha! I’m surprised so many people have watched them. Maybe a collection of YouTube videos is the modern day textbook.

    Kari, thanks very much for your kind words, and I’m really looking forward to summer school! I got my daughter to practice my arrangement of Ave Maria, and she was happy that it’s so easy. So that’s good news. It’s a good opportunity for her to work on vibrato and musicianship. I hope we can record it at some point this summer, and that she’ll let me post it.

    Rick, I think Luis is a fantastic luthier, and the folks at GSI spoke very highly of him. That’s great that you’ve taken your guitars in to him for repair, and I hope to visit his shop some day soon.

    Drew, I’m looking forward to meeting up again as well. I come up to Berkeley somewhat frequently for meetings. I’ll contact you next time I come up. I realize in listening back to the video that I forgot to mention that the Imperial Valley is a wonderful place. I mentioned that my great grandpa didn’t really want to move there, but I didn’t mention that the valley has a wonderful culture, is filled with great people, and the food is fantastic. It’s worth the 120 degree summer heat for sure.

    Julie, I think that classical guitar does require a teacher to a certain extent. I have learned so much from being a member of CGCA that I would not have learned on my own. But being a teacher myself, I know that the learning is really up to the student. A good teacher is a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage”, and that, to me, is a pretty apt description of the culture of CGCA.

    Donna, thanks! I really enjoyed your interview as well.

  7. Hi Scott and Roger,
    Thank you both for a fantastic podcast! Scott I loved hearing all about your journey with the guitar. I smiled at your Jorge Luis Borges reference, as I studied him in college as well as part of my Spanish curriculum – one of my favorites. Like Roger, I too have admired how well you play going back to some of your very first video postings on CGCA. And I echo Rick Lord’s praise for Luis Fernandez de Córdoba – a very amicable young man and already an accomplished luthier. I, too, will be interested to see and hear your new guitar at summer school, where I’ll have to try to remember to give you a fist bump when we meet for the first time! See you soon!

  8. Hi Scott!
    I’m behind on listening to podcasts, so heard this one after I had met you at summer school. I was impressed then, now that I’ve heard your story I’m even more impressed! Thanks for being part of this great community!


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