13 thoughts on “CGCA 029 : Magdalena Bergqvist”

  1. A very happy anniversary to the Rogercast!
    Roger, thanks for a year of inspiration. It has personally kept my motivation tank full.

    Great to hear the voices of Dave B and Niki.

    And finally, to the woman of the hour, Miss Magdalena. We are so incredibly blessed to have you as part of the academy. Your spirit, spontaneity, and vibrancy shine through your playing. I look forward to see the moments you play. Best wishes on your upcoming exam and all the other fin projects you will take up.

  2. Thanks Roger for a year of inspiring interviews with our classmates. I’ve enjoyed them all and learned a lot.

    Magdelana, thank you for sharing your approach to the guitar. I found it very heartening.

  3. Roger,

    I like the unscripted thing. Worked well for you. It would be great to hear more from Niki, though you’ll need to come up with cool music for her intro. Maybe Carmina Burana? Happy Birthday CGCA members podcast! You get your own cake today. 🎂


    It was great hearing about your story. I can’t imagine teaching 80 different people how to play guitar. Your patience must be amazing! Really looking forward to your submission. You’re a trailblazer, tackling Grade 8. I’m sure it will be fantastic.


  4. Hi Roger,

    The unscripted podcast is fine – it’s you!

    The conversations with Niki and Dave were very interesting and I loved hearing about Magdalena’s background. I had the pleasure of sharing a stand with Magdalena in orchestra and of being in Berta Rojas’ ensemble, too.

    All the best,

  5. Happy anniversary, Roger!

    I thought I may have missed it, as we had spoken earlier in September last year (or was it the end of August?), and I still have my September 12th message to you suggesting that you interview Kari, as she was going to be the next CGC Ambassador ;]

    What a marvelous way to spend your anniversary, speaking with Magdalena! it was almost surreal in Summer School hearing the buzz that Magdalena was going to be there, but once I met her I totally got it. Yet another radiant personality joining the many others here at CGC (including those who go unscripted).

    I do have a quote for you, although I’m not sure how inspirational you’ll find it. Also, though it’s commonly ascribed to Winston Churchill, I guess the evidence for that is nonexistent:

    “Success Is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

    it is appropriate, though, to your podcast as I think that helps all of us to keep our enthusiasm going.

    Many thanks,

  6. Thank you Roger, Dave and Magdalena. This was wonderful! Listening to Magdalena talk about summer school brought so many of those wonderful memories flooding back to me. Magdalena’s students are so fortunate to have such a warm, creative and music loving teacher to study with!

    A suggestion for a future podcast Roger – how about bringing all our wonderful member teachers together on one podcast? I’m thinking Lynda, Linda, Donna and Magdalena – and I’m guessing there are others. It would be fun to hear their different teaching approaches, experiences, and how CGCA has influenced their teaching. A bit of a logistical nightmare perhaps, but hey, you’re an IT wizard right? Go for it! And obtw, happy birthday and thanks for all you do for all of us!

  7. Thank you Roger. Loved the interview with Dave, Niki and Magdalena. Such a joy meeting all of you at summer school. I have recently had a request to give one little 10 y/o student guitar lessons. I can’t imagine 80 students! Magdalena, you are amazing!

    • Yes Roger, as you say, be awesome to each other. Another fine podcast. Thank you Dave and Nikki, your segments give life to our study. Magdalena your voice is a joy. I appreciate your thoughts, history and creative ideas. You have brought a vibrancy to CGC. I am inspired with your pursuit of music as a way of expression. Your thoughts are soulful and true. It is a pleasure to learn you are teaching. I look forward to more of your musical creations and interpretations!

  8. I enjoyed listening to the podcast, Roger. Nice to hear thoughts of Dave, Niki, and Magdalena. Regarding inspirational moments, last night I enjoyed a concert in Iowa City with Audra McDonald who finished with Somewhere Over The Rainbow as a encore. She inspired us to work for love within the world.

  9. Roger- congratulations on your one-year anniversary. I have enjoyed every single podcast and can only imagine all the work you have put in to get them done.

    Listening to Dave and Niki really adds to the sense of community for me. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Magdalena, I knew you were special when I met you last summer at Summer School and getting to know you better through the podcast just confirms it.

    Thanks to all of you for a great morning over my cup of coffee. Regards, JR

  10. Happy Birthday to the CGCA Members Podcast!! I’ve enjoyed every one of them Roger. It’s great to have a chance to meet the interesting people who make up this amazing community.

    Magdalena, after meeting you at summer school it was nice to hear more about your guitar journey. There are 80 or so very lucky Swedish kids to have you as their teacher!

    Thank you!


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