6 thoughts on “CGCA 031 : Robert Guerrero”

  1. Great interview guys!
    Robert, I think it’s pretty cool that you’ve found someone local to play duets with, and I’m jealous of that fact, but I love that you talk about the camaraderie you have with Derek. That, in itself, is priceless.

  2. Among the many wonderfully positive people here at CGC, you guys are the cream of the crop! I can also feel the chemistry between Robert and Derek, even though Derek wasn’t actually in the room (unless he was).
    Thanks for an uplifting & inspiring conversation!

  3. Robert and Roger thank you for the fluid conversation! I greatly value Robert’s candid appraisal of his journey with music. Yes, both of you are positive people with the magnetic joy of our guitar study.
    The duos with Derek are on my list, keep up the great work!

  4. Roger,

    I finally got a chance to listen to the latest podcast. Good job. Robert is one of those people who is always very present and super positive. It was a great interview. I was also glad to hear some positive comments on the concert from you and Simon! It really was the first one I’d organized and I was amazed at all the alligators hiding there (and which I managed to avoid).


  5. Well, that was fun! I felt like I was right there in the room with the two of you.

    Robert, you’ve had a really interesting musical journey and a very relaxed way of sharing your story with all of us. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Guitoberfest!

    Thank you both for another great podcast!

  6. Roger, as always, thank you. Robert, and absolute pleasure getting to know you better…your connection to this instrument and the world it opens up, shared in such an organic, sincere manner was a wonderful compliment to my morning cup of coffee. Thank you both for the motivation. Regards, JR


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