• Dzien Dobry Pan. Czesz!

    I was just talking today of going to visit Poland.

    Welcome to the Academy. I believe that if you were to ask “who played when they were young” you would soon gather a crowd, so rest assured that you are not alone. Everyone here is working hard and I believe you will find a great deal of encouragement.



  • All,

    I joined this group in the beginning and then found out that my plate is too full to contribute very meaningfully. I did want to check in as we are halfway through September –

    – I have almost memorized the entire animato section of VL#4 (I have two measures to go)
    – I am looking forward to starting Evocacion in the next day or two.

    It is…[Read more]

  • Update –

    As of yesterday it appears that it is 95% certain that the trip to India has been delayed until sometime in November.

    Getting it on my schedule for concert week was not my doing.
    Getting it off my schedule for concert week was also not my doing.

    Sometimes good things just happen.

    See you all at everything that is planned!


  • Welcome!

    You sound like you have an astonishing musical background and I look forward to your contributions. I am not sure if you would like to make the drive from Clarion, but the last weekend of September should be special in Lancaster. As Roger notes, there will be multiple CGC members lurking in Lancaster that weekend, coming from far and…[Read more]

  • All,

    I dropped Simon a note yesterday. All is now stable.

    Concert was always stable.
    Master Class is now set for 2-4 at our regular last-Sunday-of-the-month venue. We have 2 performers from CGC (Roger and Robert) and 2 from the CGSL, who you don’t know.
    Simon will be assisted for the class by members of the society.
    Simon is set for a room…[Read more]

  • All,

    After reading this thread I realized that I was no longer sure what the email from CGM meant. I went back to the original email from David Lusterman. It reads (in part):

    “In its place will be three equally valuable sources of information, inspiration, and instruction: “ClassicalGuitarMagazine.com, Classical Guitar News e-news, and Acoustic…[Read more]

  • All,

    The good news is that things around the concert are nice and stable, so no worries there.

    The not so good news – things around the master class are very much in motion. There is no venue in Lancaster that can be had for the master class other than our normal Sunday afternoon church meeting room. This is only available at our standard 2-4…[Read more]

  • Franco, all,

    I apologize for the delay, but it has been less than a fun week working on the master class. I still don’t have a resolution but think I have an alternative.

    What happened first is that the High School where we WERE going to hold the class has changed their policy and no longer allows outsiders to use the facility. I have been…[Read more]

  • I just saw an amazing video and thought I would share.

    As you watch remember it is an advertisement. Why don’t our ad folk have this sense of style?


  • Connie,

    Best of luck as you sail forward. I will always remember the look on your face when I told you I was using a butter knife to keep my right hand aligned. More importantly, I will also always remember your advice on how to hold the guitar and how that affected how to keep the hand aligned naturally.

    Happy memories.


  • Franco,

    I look forward to meeting you. I am going to update the website later today, but the answer to your question is that we are going to suggest a donation of $10 for the concert, and $10 for the masterclass. This is mostly to defray the cost of the venues, with some leftover going to worthy local charities.

    While it is on the list of…[Read more]


    So – based on emails I have a small group staying in Lancaster. There will be Simon, Robert (and wife) and Roger. This sort of takes the block of rooms off the table. The question is then where would you like to stay and how much would you like to pay. I can get a rate of $170 per night in the nice hotel in the center of town. There are…[Read more]

  • Kari,

    Since you asked for exercises, here is one I use (stolen from a jazz guy I am using to get ready for the improv section of the Grade 6 exam.

    Step 1: Pick a key, any key. The easiest entry point for me is the E shape and the C at the 8th fret on the 6th string, it seems to be the easiest and all notes are natural
    Step 2: Play the scale…[Read more]

  • George,

    Excellent! It will be good to see you. Does your son play?


  • The most amazing thing is that his hand never got rowdy enough to knock the ash off the cigarette (unless he was using the old Clarence Darrow technique – lawyers, guitarists – you can’t trust a damn one of them.)

  • Julie,

    Thank you. It will be good to see you. Just let me know if you things change.



  • Robert, Julie, Roger, others,

    The concert will be at the First United Methodist Church, 29 East Walnut Street, Lancaster, PA

    We are scheduled to start at 5PM.

    The master class is scheduled for 2-4 on Sunday, but we are less sure about where that will be. We may move to Lancaster Catholic HS for the class – I am confirming that over the next…[Read more]

  • All

    Since Roger has been helping me with regular reminders of Simon’s concert in September, I thought I would post a few questions that might be relevant here in the forum. I am not sure how many folks are planning to travel to Lancaster and what your plans are for the weekend. So, if I could ask your indulgence it will help with the logistics.…[Read more]

  • RKordel replied to the topic Grade 6 Study Group in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    Thomas, all,

    I have been working on this piece since this group started but I don’t think I will be finished by the end of the month ;-)

    I have been reading and trying to absorb what everyone has been suggesting, but also going down a slightly different path (or one that I don’t remember reading about).

    I have been practicing, and trying to…[Read more]

  • Martha,

    Thank you for this. I will reach out to them today. Robert sent me a great stack of background reading so I might even know what I am talking about.

    (It seems PA was not quite satisfied that we had by-laws. They want more.)


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