16 thoughts on “CGCA 032 : Derek Mansen”

  1. Thanks for another excellent RogerCast! And thanks to Derek for sharing the story of your journey with the guitar. Looking forward to working together on more material and creating more dynamic music in the future!

  2. Roger,

    I was just about to post the Sam the Sham video when I saw you have already gotten it. How could you have forgotten this gem of the of western music tradition, on a par with Mozart’s Eine Klcine Nachtmusik?


  3. I’d been looking forward to this podcast since you spoke with Robert, as meeting Derek was one of the (many) highlights of Summer School for me. DuoDelphia must be a blast!
    Thanks to all of you for bringing joy to my day!

  4. Great podcast! Roger, I was laughing when you didn’t recognize Wooly Bully. Derek even nailed the percussion part.

    Derek, it was great to hear your story. The youngster of Summer School. I’m impressed by your devotion to technique. I can’t imagine playing only Technical Routines for a period of months.

  5. Thank you Derek and Roger, I enjoyed the conversation! I liked Derek’s thought at the end about Beginners Mind. Good to hear about summer dates from Simon, Dave’s ideas for the challenge and Glenn’s insights about Sor.

  6. I just listened to this podcast on the train on my way to NYC for Guitoberfest! A great way to start the trip!
    Of course I remember Woolly Bully! Loved the link!
    Derek, it was great to hear about your guitar journey. You do have a lot of talents/hobbies!
    The Summer School dates are on my calendar!

  7. I have to agree with everyone here about the great interview with Derek. I will say that I found myself trying to tell Roger that I couldn’t believe he didn’t know Wooly Bully when I realized he couldn’t hear me — it was a podcast. Donna, @donnaz I was thinking the same thing the whole time — when are we going to get to hear Mr. Doggies!
    Great job again, Roger.


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