23 thoughts on “CGCA 050 : Roger Ramirez”

  1. Hey Roger, congratulations on your 50th podcast! And Robert – good job! You have made me feel really welcome in the CGC community. Don’t be a stranger!

  2. Thank you, Roger, for your willingness to share about yourself and your ability to coax so many others to also share. I appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, creativity and talent. Keep up the awesome work.
    Martha Kreipke

  3. Brilliant, Ambassador Roger, and thank you Robert for taking the lead to interview Roger (you are a natural). Congratulations on achieving #50, Roger! You are such an inspiration and force in CGC. Cheers… Richard

  4. That was a blast! Robert and Roger, well done. And this time around, Roger, I shut up completely and listened to YOUR story with full attention ;) Rock on.

  5. Roger,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It touched my heart to hear you honor your brother, and that he is part of why you play. You are awesome on both sides of the mic.

    Robert, you’re a natural, my friend. Well done and it was great to hear your voice.


  6. Roger, that was a wonderful sharing. It had everything – sadness, thoughtfulness, wise advice and humour in spades. I’ve only been in CGC for six months or so but it didn’t take long to find out that you are one of the giants of the community and now I fully understand why.

    Thank you Robert for a superb interview. You really drew so much out of this self-effacing man.

    Congrats on 50, Roger. Hope I’m around for the 100!



  7. Congratulations Roger on the 50th interview! Robert your warm and engaging style is a match, great! The day is brighter now. Thank you both for the inspired conversation!

  8. Congratulations on a fabulous, 50th Podcast, Roger! Thank you for all you do and for sharing more of your story. I can’t wait for another in-person bear hug! When I walked in to summer school the first time (2018) I was so nervous I thought I’d fall over. Then I recognized you and saw your t-shirt. After a hug, it was all good!

    Robert, great interview. Thanks for stepping in and interviewing “The Ambassador”.

  9. Congratulations Roger on reaching an amazing milestone! Your enthusiasm and love for the community came through with every word. It was an honor and pleasure to serve as “Mini-Rog” for this event. Now I’m trying to convince him to do a podcast with me… GuiTAR Talk. Don’t pluck like my brother… don’t pluck like MY brother! But… I don’t think we’ll actually do it so don’t fret!!!

    Kudos, hombre!

    • Robert…Lol, So it was not just me thinking this sounded so much like the fun the two brothers have on Car Talk :) Learning the fretboard with just the ‘5’ strings was indeed priceless. Congratulations Roger!

  10. Congratulations Roger on reaching 50 interviews. A great achievement and a great treasure for us academy members. Really enjoyed the interview.

    Wonderful job Robert.

  11. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life/guitar story with us. Congratulations on getting 50 RogCast episodes done! You made gold medal contribution to our CGC community, so thank you very much!
    Robert, you made great conversation. Awesome job, Gentlemen!
    Best regards,


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