5 thoughts on “CGCA 025 : Glenn Shell”

  1. Thank you from Granbury, TX.
    Really enjoyed hearing this interview. So much I identify with. Encouraging to say the least.

  2. Another wonderful podcast and interview. I was particularly happy to learn more about Glenn, since we have become good friends on line and I hope we can possibly meet one day at summer school. His efforts with the grade 2 forum have been very helpful and inspiring. The August challenge sounds interesting and I look forward to more information. Thanks again Roger for your time and effort.


  3. This is the first podcast that I have listened to. I enjoyed it, very informative and also makes you reflective and think about yourself. Very good, I will make sure that I will always make time to listen to these valuable chats.

  4. Thanks, Roger, for bringing us another fascinating interview (and a preview of the summer challenge).

    Glenn, I enjoyed hearing the story of your journey. Keep up the good work!

  5. One more cool podcast, Roger! The larger purpose behind starting the Grade 2 Group is a valuable one, Glenn. Great to hear about your journey. Love your consistent and enthusiastic voice in our forums. And, yes, I do agree on the sentiment of whose idea was it that we have to work for a living? ;)

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