11 thoughts on “CGCA 043 : John Rabinowitz”

  1. Hi Roger, how are you?
    The podcast with JR was interesting.
    With more time to our disposal I replay your and Simons podcasts .
    I have no intention to listen to yours every week but feel free to do what motivates you.
    All the best

  2. Hi Roger and JR,

    Thank you! Yes Simon, it was an F#. FYI I did have my guitar in hand but the chat was compelling… I will get my live session act together! Great work on the duet book Dave and Niki!

    As always, JR is a gracious person to engage with. Knowing John over the last few years has been a pleasure. The get togethers are fun. Good stories. Yes, the daily ritual of practice is grounding.

    Thank you,

  3. Hi Roger…just listened to us with that morning cup. Thanks for the opportunity. In terms of a weekly members podcast there are so many interesting members I would love to hear their stories and learn more about them so I am all for it if you have the time. Stay healthy my friend. JR

  4. Hi guys,
    I have to come clean and confess that the barking dog was mine.
    Thanks for a wonderful conversation!
    For what it’s worth, I think that right hand planting exercises can help a little with a shaky right hand, in that it gives some confidence that you can find the right string. Then you just have to worry about your left hand shaking ;]
    thanks again,

  5. Another great interview Roger, thank you! I listen to podcasts on my daily walks (ok, I don’t walk EVERY day but who’s counting!?!) so the more the merrier. JR, thanks for sharing your story. The perseverance you’ve demonstrated in working through your physical challenges is truly inspiring. I’m slowly battling back from chronic tendonitis myself, so here’s hoping for an injury free future for both of us. Like you, I’ve learned the hard way that less is more. Less but more focused time on the instrument per practice session (i.e., the Pomodoro Technique) yields better results and goes far in avoiding repetitive stress injuries we “more mature” players seem to be so prone to. I hope we get to meet again soon at summer school – fingers crossed. Be well my friend!

  6. Excellent podcast! I enjoyed it very much and would definitely welcome one per week, Roger, if you’re up for it. Thanks for your dedication and hard work.

    John, it was great hearing about your guitar journey. So funny you were able to advance levels without paying. You must be one of the original CGCA members. Old school!


  7. Yes vote from me too, Roger. If you have the time and want to take that on, I will be a happy listening participant =). You’re going to sweep Simon pretty quickly by getting to 50 before he gets to 100. Have you thought about what you are going to do with the big 5_0 episode?

    JR-san – Wow! Much respect for the patience and the tenacity you have endured while learning this instrument. I’m thrilled to also learn we are classmates, battling out G5 rep. My traveling experience on the road of G5 is best described by a description Rick Hill coined “Frustrati” (frustratingly slow_haha!) I’m glad I have friends to share in the challenges.
    It was such a pleasure to spend time with you last summer at Summer School 2019. Thank you for the fun memories… especially teaching me
    I need those words a lot as I process all the complexities of this journey.

  8. Thank-you for doing these pod-casts Roger! I have listened to many of them, and will go back and start at the beginning. It is fun to hear everyone’s stories. I vote yes to a weekly pod-cast while you have the inclination and the free time.
    John, I was fascinated to learn that you were a zoo keeper! I can’t imagine a more fun job. I wish I had thought of that when I was younger. :)
    I like the way you approach your musical journey. I find the daily routine of practice calming and motivating as well. Thank-you for sharing your stories.

  9. Thanks for another great podcast Roger!

    JR- I knew from talking with you at the past 2 summer schools that you had grown up in Japan, and had been a cop, but how did I not know you were a zookeeper? Very cool! I also like your way of dealing with your injuries. That’s good advice for all of us.

    Looking forward to the upcoming Duet challenge! Great idea!

  10. Hi Roger, just caught up on the podcast with JR, which I liked very much. Thank you to you both. I vote for the once a week podcasts. I think they are great, but sometimes I have to stack them up. Counter intuitively, I don’t really have that much more time during this shelter in place than I did previously. All best wishes for your job search! — Bruce


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