11 thoughts on “CGCA 045 : Goran Avramovic”

  1. Goran, you are sunshine itself.
    Thank you, thank you, for sharing your journey with us (and for sharing your family’s musical talents!). We are lucky to have you part of CGC. You are a gem of a musical artist. Congrats on all you have accomplished. And best wishes on all you will do in the years ahead.
    P.S: A very special thanks for gifting me Dr. Javan Jovicic’s work. I have a part of your special journey with this instrument in my home. AND I am using parts of book 1a to teach my Ellie!!
    P.P.S: I would love viewing of your daughter’s documentary. She is such a cool person.

    Thumbs up on the interview idea for podcast 5.0!

  2. Hey Goran,

    I really enjoyed hearing your story, and listening to your performance with your daughters again. It was excellent! I was pleased to learn that you are a Civil Engineer! My wife and I are also both Civil Engineers, and it’s a great profession. I hope to get to meet you in person at Summer School someday.

    Roger, it would definitely be cool to have someone interview you for Episode 50. I think many of us feel that we know you pretty well, but it would be great to hear your story in this format.


  3. Another beautiful interview, Roger. Goran, I enjoyed listening to you. You are so full of life and enthusiasm. Loved the part of how your slow practice affected your wife as well as others ;) I liked it that you have conversations with your CGC friends in your mind. Brilliant.

    I have travelled by road in Hungary and nearby Slovenia. Drove down to Pecs and Szeged in southern Hungary but didn’t get across into Serbia. Those parts of eastern Europe are so beautiful!

    It would be so nice to see you at our Summer School meet – looks like next year (I think).

  4. Hi Roger and Goran,

    Thank you for a great interview – such an interesting member of CGC. I loved the family performance at the Open Mic session. It was delightful!

    We have a wonderful international community here at CGC. It’s very special and I’m happy that Goran is a part of it.

  5. Thank you all for your very kind words and support.
    I’m so glad you like my story, though I find listening to my English is pretty painful. :-)

    Special gratefulness I refer to Roger who made great and so professional job.

  6. Hi Goran, I was so moved by your performance with your daughters at the virtual happy hour, that I was delighted to hear it again here and to be able to learn more of your story! You bring so much to this wonderful community. Thank you for sharing some of yourself with all of us!

    Roger – thanks for keeping the great stories coming!

  7. Hello “English!”
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your story Goran. I greatly admire the dedication and commitment it has taken for you to begin and then continue your classical guitar studies. Like many others, I must thank you for the gift of the performance you shared with us of you and your daughters. It was wonderful! We are very fortunate that you discovered CGCA. Keep dreaming! Warmest regards, Mark

  8. What a great thing to hear these lovely stories.

    Goran – your English is very good! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Roger – great job! You never get in the way of people and you guide conversations so skillfully.

  9. This was an absolutely delightful podcast, start to finish! Thank-you Roger for all the work you put into doing this!
    Goran you made me smile with your heartwarming stories, and your passion for learning classical guitar is inspiring! Keep dreaming…I hope to meet you at summer school one day.

  10. Hi Goran and Roger,

    Delightful interview! Paraphrasing Goran I like when he said to his wife he was tiring of slow practice and she said, “me too”. Very funny. Yes to dreams of summer school!

    The musical recording with his daughters is wonderful!

    Thank you,


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